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MYP Parent Orientation Evening

No description

Michelle Jones

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of MYP Parent Orientation Evening

MYP at Cedar:
Information for parents "Candidates who wished to be stretched
should, in my view, take the MYP.
The rigour and work ethic it
encourages will assist them
strongly if they wish to progress to a
degree that will require them to
really engage with their
subject discipline" Overview of the MYP
Assessment approach
ManageBac platform Goals: "The rigor that matters most for the twenty-first century is demonstrated mastery of the core competencies for work, citizenship, and life-long learning. In today’s world, it’s no longer how much you know that matters; it’s what you can do with what you know." - Tony Wagner, "The Global Achievement Gap" Assessment The single most important aim of MYP assessment is to
support and encourage student learning. Aims to identify
what students know, understand,
can do and feel at different stages
in the learning process Aids teachers in identifying
student learning needs Criterion-
assessment PURPOSE Globally
Standardised Transparency 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 MYP
Scale Questions Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Mediocre Poor Very poor ManageBac ibo.org michelle.jones@cedarschoolbvi.com zach.pascoe@cedarschoolbvi.com MYP @
Home Task-
specific rubrics Learner Profile Reflection Practical Steps Thank You! - Mike Nicholson,
Director of Admissions at
Oxford University, 2009.
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