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Code Orange

My project based on the book Code Orange.

Kristen K.

on 23 August 2014

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Transcript of Code Orange

Short and Snappy!
Get the reader's attention!
Four or five words only!
A summary of the story but not with lots of detail
Think of WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE

Mitty Blake
- a lazy 16 year old boy who goes to a private school for the rich and/or smart
Olivia Clark
- Mitty's crush and good friend who goes to the same school as him
Mr. Lynch
- Mitty's science teacher
Derek Skorvanek
- Mitty's best friend who also attends the same school as him
Mr. Blake
- Mitty's dad who is an investment banker
Mrs. Blake
- Mitty's mom who designs libraries for the rich that don't like to read

story takes place in 2004
events in the story take place in New York City and the family's country home in Connecticut

CODE ORANGE by Caroline B. Cooney
Presented by Kristen Kjetsaa
The Assignment?
Mitty's science teacher announces that the first ten pages of notes for the assignment are due after the weekend.
Mitty asks his friend, "
Due date for what?
" His friend replies. "Notes for the term paper. The one you have been working on for four weeks."
The author states that Mitty has not even selected a topic for the assignment let alone begun the assignment
The House in Connecticut

Every weekend Mitty and his family go to the country (Connecticut to them).
Mitty was having a peaceful weekend until he remembers his science notes are going to be due tomorrow.
He gets worried that he will not be able to do it because he is no longer in Manhattan where you can walk out the door and everything you need is right there.
Mitty begins to think about his mother who is an interior decorator; she specializes in making bookshelves for people who don't read.
He figures there must be some books in this house that can help him to figure out an idea for his assignment.

What did I just find?

Mitty finds books named
Principles of Contagious Disease, Conditions of Infectious Disease, Infectious Illness: Treatment and Containment and A History of Immunology
As he opens one of the books, his fingers find a raise in the book. He turns the pages and finds an envelope. The envelope reads: Scabs – VM epidemic, 1902, Boston.
Mitty opens the envelope that was never sealed and finds that whoever wrote “Scabs” on the envelope was not lying because when he stuck his hand in the envelope he touched the scabs.
He is now happy because he has
for his project.

Mitty... You're Doing Your Homework???
Even though Mitty never had the chance to actually start his research notes he lucks out; his science teacher is nice and pushes back the due date.
Mitty is so happy... He begins getting new books to help him write the paper.
Olivia and Mitty go to Columbia University library to work on each of their papers.
Olivia helped Mitty a lot with it and he was happy he could spend time with her.
Mitty's parents were going to go out, which Mitty usually loves to do, but he turned it down for his research paper.
He told his parents he couldn't go cause he had homework to do "
They were so happy that they were practically dancing out of the apartment
Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Do I have an infectious disease?
The night Mitty worked on his paper instead of going out.
Mitty did not sleep well that night.
This was very unusual for Mitty because sometimes he could sleep until 2:00 in the afternoon.
After school Mitty went to the movies. Mitty kept thinking in his head
"I handled smallpox. There is no cure for smallpox."
A couple nights later Mitty was outside Broadway; he was very cold and wished he had worn socks.
He begins to worry that he has symptoms of smallpox and symptoms of everyone else’s diseases
What did I just do?
A week after handling the smallpox scabs Mitty wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to post questions on the CDC and other infectious disease websites asking about smallpox.
Mitty tells them he has the scabs in his possession.
In the morning Mitty is too scared to check his email.
All day in school Mitty was wondering if anyone had replied.
When he gets home he looks at his computer and notices he has A LOT of replies.
Some of them scare him because they want to have the scabs to collect or they want to meet Mitty (which Mitty knew was not a good idea to do).
He saw one response that he liked because the lady seemed very professional.
The lady tells Mitty that she has contacted the FBI about this. Suddenly Mitty feels that he could be in some serious trouble.
Derek in the office?

Olivia skipping school?
How did this happen?
In English class the classroom phone rings and someone asks, “ Is Derek Skorvanek there?”
The teacher was told to, “send him to my office immediately please.”
Derek was “ushered” into the headmaster’s office.
Derek saw two men that he did not recognize; they wanted to know where Mitty was.
Then he was informed that these two men were from the FBI.
Dr. Larkin said, “We need to find Mitty now. He is missing."
The FBI agent tells Derek all about what Mitty said online about his smallpox scabs.
Next the school calls Olivia. She was skipping school (who has never missed a day of school in her life until now) since she didn't feel good after crying all night.
A little later Olivia walked in the door in the middle of Derek and the FBI agents talking.
The lady that responded to one of Mitty’s emails about smallpox turns around and begins talking.
She asks Olivia if she helped Mitty with his report and she responds “yes.” The lady also wants to know if she had used the 100-year-old book that had the smallpox scabs in it.
Finally they give Derek and Olivia the letter that Mitty had written to his parents to read.
It's what I had to do...
When it came time to go home, Mitty wanted to go straight home but Olivia ran over to him and asked him to walk in the park with her.
Out of the blue in the park she said, “ Saturday is Valentines Day.”
Mitty knew why she had mentioned that. He knew that they were at the right stage to start a relationship.
But Mitty never replied to her “even though she was the only thing he wanted.” Then she took a step back and he still didn’t say anything and then she turned around and started to run away.
The letter that contradicted his beliefs...
Before Mitty goes to school he writes a letter to his parents asking them to read about smallpox in his paper.
Mitty's real issue about writing the letter is that last year he wrote a report on his beliefs on suicide and said that it is the worst thing that you could do to your parents.
But yet he still writes,
" Here's what I'm thinking : if this is a live virus, and it's the only one in the entire world, I should not let it live. And if I have it, and if I let the world hospitalize me, I let the virus out to society. I give it life. There is only one way to be sure I don't give anybody this disease. There is only one way to be sure that no ambulance driver, no doctor, no mother, no father, no classmate, no kid in a stroller, no waiter in a diner, not one person in New York gets sick from me. That way is to die before I get sick. Then the virus dies with me."
Where am I and what happened?
It was cold, but not the cold of outdoors. The chill was motionless. An unheated warehouse, maybe
Mitty could barely move. All he could do was turn his head. But he had a severe headache.
Thinking back he remembers
... after leaving the park he started walking wondering if should go back home or do what he said in his letter he would do. Suddenly a woman's voice calls, "Mr. Blake!"
At first Mitty is reluctant to go and see who it is but eventually he turns around and talks to her. She tells him that she is from the CDC and that she has a procedure that tests his blood. Mitty makes a run for it but he turns back and goes back to the woman.
Coming back from his thoughts and feeling his horrible headache, Mitty realizes he must have been mugged.
Mitty believes the kidnappers are not from the United States of America.
Still Kidnapped...
The first kidnappers Mitty sees he tries to knock out: it doesn't work and he ends up hurting more because they hit him.
Mitty tries to pick a lock with a nail but it does not work and he gets the nail stuck in the key hole.
Trying another tactic, Mitty creates fake Macules on his arm to look like smallpox.
One of the guards comes down the stairs and sees them on Mitty's arm and calls for the other guard to come down and look at him.
One of the men says to Mitty, " You will die."
Later the guards put Mitty on to a bed.
Mitty manages to knock them both to the floor; he grabs one of the guys heads and slams it on the cement.
The other guy punches Mitty in the cheek but Mitty uses the bed as a barrier and runs up the stairs.
Mitty closes the door and locks it.
I'm sick of this place
A woman and man show up and eventually open the door.
The man put on gloves and lifted Mitty and brought him to the kitchen.
Then the woman and the man went back down in the cellar to get the guards that were still on the bed.
That was when Mitty kicked the door shut and it locked.
Then Mitty fell asleep with them all trapped in the basement.
The next day Mitty woke up and called the police.
Mitty never ended up getting smallpox but from getting beat up so much he needed to go to the hospital.
Mitty is very happy, " Mitty sat up in bed and looked out the window at New York City. He couldn't see much. It was kind of a boring view, actually. It could have been any city. But it's my city, thought Mitty Blake. And no bad guys are dancing in my streets."
Prezi.com (to create the presentation)
Printshop (to create the newspaper)
Code Orange
My mom for editing
On July 11, 2014 CDC announces at least two of the six vials found are live and infectious!
Stuck with the Guards
Mitty closed the door on himself and the guards because he didn't want to escape because he didn't want to give anyone smallpox.
After closing the door Mitty just ran down the stairs and hid behind the furnace because the guards would never find him since the basement had no light.
After hitting at the door the guards gave up for a while until they remember the keys in their pocket.
When they went to open the door they couldn't figure out why their keys weren't working but Mitty knew... it was because Mitty jammed the door with a nail when he was trying to pick the lock.
After trying many times the guards flipped the bed back over and sat on it leaning against each other for the rest of the night while Mitty slept behind the furnace.
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