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Autumn's Encyclopedia

A-Z about my life and how it's extraordinary

Autumn Rice

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Autumn's Encyclopedia

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr WE
We have to make mistakes
We have to learn
We have to love
We have to hope
We have to dream
We have to live
We have to laugh at everything
We have to scream at nothing
We have to dance to songs
We have to sing along
We have to cry
We have to get hurt
We have to fall
And we have to eat
We are together F-O-R-E-V-E-R
And NO ONE can change that. My Encyclopedia An encyclopedia about my life.
By: Autumn Rice Airplane
When i was younger my family and I went on an airplane to California. Me and my dad had to go on three flights while my mom and my brother, Christian, we're already in California. We missed the plane that was departing from Utah so we had to spend the night at a hotel. I remember riding in the taxi on the way back to the airport the next morning. Seeing all the mountains and the way the sun made all the beautiful colors made me feel a little better. When we finally got onto an airplane i could have peed my pants with excitement. While flying over the Salt Lake i said my goodbyes to Utah! I have a lot of brothers, three to be exact. That's a whole lot if you ask me. The oldest one of the three is Christian. He's eight years old. Next is Parker,two and a half. Last but not least is Aiden. He's one and a few months. Christian plays soccer and his favorite color is blue. He's four years apart from em. Now Parker lost his tooth about a month ago. Cute right? Wrong a two year old shouldn't look like he just came out of a boxing ring! No one really knows what happen it just sort of, did. Aiden is everywhere all the time the only way the room is quiet is when Aiden is destroying something else in another room. I have a lot of brothers but even though sometimes I don't show it, I still love'em. Brothers Oh joy Christmas! The loudest time of the year! When the parades are on every channel and on every radio station. All you hear for at least a month is "Deck the halls" and "Jingle Bells". Christmas is the time of year Santa scares all my brothers and all they do is cry when you try to get a good picture of them. It's the only time of year i eat more than Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas is always memobale at my house! Christmas Right by my neighborhood, like five minutes away is a donkey farm. I know weird right? Yeah i know. I didn't know there was one until the first summer we had moved into our house. For 3 months straight all you hear is EEEEE-AWW. Every time we go past the donkey farm they all suddenly fall silent except for that little one who never stops yabbing. Donkey Farm Everyone that I love is someone different. Everyone changes and moves. Everyone has hopes, dreams, and wishes. Everyone has something they cling to and just can't give up. But I've learned that you can't forget anyone as hard as you try. Everyone Friends are meant to last with you forever. They stick up for you even though they know your wrong. They encourage your seemingly IMPOSSIBLE dreams, and they don't question your hopes. They are the only people that would sing a high-pitched song with you. They are the ones that give you a shoulder to cry on when you get hurt. They will always stay. Friends I created a word a long time ago. That word is, golly I use it when i say oh my ______ i say oh my golly. I really don't know where it came from I just said it one day and it stuck. It's probably like another word with a WAY different meaning. Golly is such a funny word. I said it once and my teacher was like what did you just say? I was like all i said was Golly! Golly My family and I LOVE hotdogs. Hotdogs with macaroni and cheese is the BOMB. One time I went to a cookout with my friend and i ate hotdogs until i thought i was about to blow. What do you think of when you think of hotdogs? Baseball games and cookouts right? I think of hotdogs with mac-and-cheese. Hotdogs Ice cream is my all time favorite dessert. I love the mint chocolate chip the most. My favorite place to go is Sunni Skies. It's a homemade ice cream shop. There is over 75 flavors there! There's one flavor that is sooooooo spicy you have to get a waver saying that they are not responsible for any injuries! My favorite flavor there is mocha chip. Ice cream Jellybeans is this rollerskating place located in Cary and Raleigh and you can skate there for hours on end without even knowing how long you've been there. When your with friends it's the best because they play music and you can sing along with the songs. They do special things like the hokey pokey and the cha cha slide. It's a blast there much better than the candy jellybeans if you ask me. Jellybeans Kit-Kat candy bars are so delicious. They are my second favorite candy bars but many people's favorite. This is the only food-wise thing i can think of for "K" because I'm kind of hungry right now watching my brothers practice. Back to the Kit-Kat thing, I always eat it so weird i eat the top part of the crunchy wafer and then eat the bottom so I'm left with a bare middle. The middle always tastes best to me. Kit-Kat Laughing is my favorite thing that humans are able to do. I love when I laugh and I can't stop so I get weak and it's just such an akward moment that I just start laughing again. One of my weakness is laughing because if I'm trying to prove that i can do a certain thing, laughing can easily make me weak. If you think about it laughing is the medicine for ANYTHING. Laughing is a gift that i will never be ashamed of having. Laughing I've been doing a lot of food-based entries but what can i tell you, I love food. My entry for "M" is muffins. Muffins are the best morning filler-uppers. If your in a rush and you want something to fill you up, eat a muffin. My favorite muffins are the lemon poppy seed ones with sugar on top. Blueberry ones are pretty good too.
How to eat a muffin.
Take off the wrapping
Turn it upside down
Get a butter knife
Cut the top off
eat the bottom and finally
eat the top! Muffins When I was really young my parents and I took a trip to Niagara Falls to see the amazing waterfall. I don't remember much but I remember getting wet and crying. But it's still cool thinking about going to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls Oreo's are a favorite dessert in my family. The original Oreo flavor is the best. Everytime i eat mine I let them plop into my cup of milk and either let them sink or get soggy enough and grab them before they sink. I even have my signature Oreo face. It's when you eat Oreo's and there's cookie all over your face! Oreo's My family and I play the punch buggy game. It's when your in the car and you see a Buggy BMW and you call out "Punch Buggy!" and then you point it out and punch the person in the car with you. But my little brother and my dad always punch someone even if they didn't call it but it's still funny. Punch-Buggies Quiet is something I only am during either when I'm being taught or when I'm reading. I'm not even quiet when I'm sleeping. I yab all the time, morning, day, and night. Oh yeah and if I'm not talking I'm singing which is much worse than me talking. I sing at least once every day and every time I sing is when people plug their ears ha,ha,ha. Quiet Rice is my last name. It's funny though because my mom's Filipino and so it's usual for her to eat rice. We eat rice more than once every week. Every one is like, Autumn do you eat rice? I'm like sure do. I love rice, rice tastes good with almost all food. If I became a teacher and I wasn't married my name would be Ms.Rice! Rice Unicorn was my, "My Little Pony" when i was little. I named her Unicorn because she had a weird horn coming from her forehead so i asked what is was and my mom said it was a unicorn, so i named her Unicorn. I lost Unicorn in first grade, I was heartbroken but then I got older and got over it. But Unicorn will still always be in my heart. Unicorn We trust because we want to. We trust because we have to. Sometimes we gain trust and sometimes we loose trust. Trusting someone is hard sometimes but we have to get it off our backs and tell someone. Trust is something we earn not buy, and it's worth more than gold. Trust Shark's are so gross and man-eating! They freak me out so much and their eyes are so weird, they look like they could swallow you up in one stare. Their teeth look like a rows and rows of band saws. They can shred you up in less than a second. During shark week I forced myself to watch the sharks, I don't know why it freaks me out so much, just does. Sharks My parents were stationed in the Navy when they got married. They were wed in Virginia beach. They had to travel 4 hours to see each other but they made it work. Virginia Beach is where my parents said,"I do" to each other. Virginia Beach Every summer our family eats more than 20 watermelons. My mom was the worst watermelon picker, every time she picked one it was as white as snow! My brother and I always have to pick one because my mom stinks at picking them. Our watermelon lasts about 3 days maximum and then someone looks in the fridge and is like, "where's all the watermelon?" "You did!" But watermelon is still delicious as ever. Watermelon I go ballistic when i hear there is extra-credit because I'm so worried about my grades. Extra credit is like someone finding a 20$ bill on the side of the road to me. I like extra-credit because it can improve your grade to what your goal was for your grade. eXtra-credit Some people think,"YOLO" is for doing stuff you know isn't going to be forgetful but is irresponsible. I mean if you only live once why would you do stupid things that you know your going to regret when you can do something incredible with your life. It just doesn't make sense to me. Laugh when you can, forgive the ones you never could, and live through your life as if someone was watching you at all times and they learn from what you do. Don't let your life be a waste. Yolo I love going to the zoo to see all the amazing animals. My favorite ones are the giraffes, the penguins and the monkeys. They all are always doing something when i visit them. I don't know why the lions and other animals don't ever move but they are all so beautiful. Sometimes I feel bad for the animals in the zoo but some are endangered so I guess it's best for them. Zoo
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