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Harry Parker

No description

Harry Parker

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Harry Parker

Harry Parker
Kirahn Blake

27th June 1997
22nd August 1996

The magazine is targeted at the male audience.

'Kerrang' music magazine is for the type of people that enjoy punk/rock artists.
The text and images are purely on the front cover for our entertainment

To promote the singers and the type of music
The main artists on the cover are all male
'Fall Out Boy' are a punk/rock band
It has a great effect on the reader as they're advertising tons of information inside.

The colour '
' and its text stands out and has an impact on the public.
The image on the front cover is just a still image with the four members of the band all looking towards the camera, so it's a 'still image'.

The magazine is definitely promoting punk/rock music as there are plenty of punk/rock artists featured on the cover of the magazine.
Contents Page
There is a main image and that's very noticeable as it's rather larger than the other images on the page and the text below it is in a bigger font. It's a photograph of a band called Pierce The Veil reading their tour diary and I believe that it was chosen as on page 40, the reader is able to see what tours the band have been on recently. There are other images on the page but only a limited 6, and even 3 of which are very small and aren't really knowledgeable once you first open the contents page. For selected page numbers, such as page 51, there is a photo of Andrew W.K. and there's a title below it saying ''Andrew W.K. swaps party for punk'' and there's also another image for page 52, which has a title ''Ghost B.C. open their own tanning salon''. The style is all in colour and there isn't any photos that are in black and white. This gives off a good effect as no reader exactly wants to read a magazine which doesn't have many, if any, coloured photos. The 'CONTENTS' bubble in the top right hand corner has a black background with white writing but that's the only black and white effect on the contents page, the rest of it is all in complete colour barring the white background.

Contents Page
There aren't any supporting icons or logo illustrations and if there was one, I'm sure it would've stood out. Kerrang are very straight to the point so clearly aren't too bothered about not having any major icons or logos.
Contents Page
The page is set up neatly with the 'CONTENTS' page in the top right hand corner with writing underneath saying ''HEY! HO! LET'S GO!''. Also, there are many of different headings such as News, Feedback, Features, Shots, Lives, Albums, Gig Guide and The Ultimate Rockstar Test. These all have a list of titles beneath each main title so the reader can easily understand which part is with which area. Furthermore, there's a part of the contents page where the author of Kerrang talks to the reader and discusses a bit about what's happening this week. The author has used an image of himself at the top of his column as not everyone may know who he is, so I can already see what the author looks like. The main headings are all in yellow so they've already given off a good effect as I believe that yellow is a stand out colour. There's clearly been a selected amount of images as there isn't many but there's one stand out image at the top of the page which grabs your attention straight away, it's a photo of band Pierce The Veil reading their tour diary and I get this from the clear title ''What's inside Pierce The Veil's tour diary? Let's look, shall we?''. Lastly, there is three slightly tilted images at the bottom on the right hand side but all three aren't drastic so it's barely noticable.

Contents Page
There isn't exactly a headline but there's lots of little headlines spread out all over the page declaring what information is to follow in the magazine. The contents page is defined as a contents page very clearly as there's a massive black bubble with white writing in the top right hand corner saying ''CONTENTS''. All of the fonts that are used in this contents page are very basic and readable, none are very drastic and have italic writing. Some of the text (headings) are in bold, whereas the little writing beneath each heading isn't in bold to clarify which is which. I see a maximum of three different styles, one of which is the contents, another is the main headings and the last one is the little headings below it. It wasn't all jazzed up so it's barely changed but it changed back and forth during each main heading and little heading.
Contents Page
The colours used in this contents page are black, white, red and yellow. They all blend in well and creates a good house style. It relates to the front cover because both pages have the same colours and it attracts the reader and it shows off a good effect.
Main Image
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