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Superfast Jellyfish

No description

Tyler Stodola

on 29 September 2010

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Transcript of Superfast Jellyfish

Superfast! Superfast But just in time for breakfast I came in last Keep it thropugh Keep it through Forever blue Tonights the night Aluminum I crush your fun aluminum Yo pretty packages Of frosted delights Look it comes with a toy The sea is Radioactive The sea is radioactive he,he i like that A whole lot of breakfast youve got time for Gotta have it superfast With the crunchy, crunchy carrots Thats chicken Shower my habits while you die like rabbits With the 24 hr sign We be brickit We be bad we be the colors of the mad and the wicked Many know others Dont waste time others with your net Our net worth is set, ready, go No snail thing to quick for his water feeders All hail king neptune And his water breathers Toasting over flames they be tasting quite right From scratch. well not quite All mixed in the pot, mommas homemade Man are you freaking blind. Thats a rock Wrappers of many bite sizes Just enjoy the gritty crunch It tastes just like chicken I want a #4,#6 and throw in a plastic doughnut Superfast Superfast I come in last But just in time For breakfast Keep it through Keep it through Forever blue The sea is radioactive The sea is radioactive Superfast jellyfish Superfast jellyfish Superfast jellyfish Superfast jellyfish Superfast jellyfish Superfast jellyfish Superfast jellyfish
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