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History of american broadcasting timeline project

No description

robert jackson

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of History of american broadcasting timeline project

History of American Broadcasting
Timeline Project 1700's by
Luke Jackson Newspapers in America 1837 telegraph 1876 telephone invented 1920
1st commercially
licensed radio station-KDKA
Pittsburgh, Penn. 1920’s- Many people/companies experimenting with and developing mechanical TV. Picture is red and hard to see 1923 Vladimir Zworykin patents the iconoscope, a TV transmission tube 1927
Philo T. Farnsworth, American, transmits the first electronic.Philo T. Farnsworth, American, transmits the first electronic television image and applies for patent on the first complete electronic system, the Image Dissector 1928-First Mechanical TV sets sold to public. Quality is very poor. Vladimir Zworykin develop/refines iconoscope tube. 1st TV Drama “The Queen’s Messenger” broadcast to 4 tv sets from a GE owned experimental tv station 1930 Philo T. Farnsworth receives a patent for televisions
1931 CBS begins experimental tv programming
1932 NBC begins experimental tv programming 1934 As part of the Communications Act of 1934, The Federal Communications Commission is formed to govern U. S broadcasting
1935 Electronic TV is demonstrated to press. Few people have TV’s but broadcasting begins in U.S., Germany, France, England, Italy & Holland 1936 Germany televises Olympics
Britain few hours of regular programming a day 1939- RCA presents TV at New York World’s Fair. RCA station W2XBS begins the industry’s first regular tv schedule to 4000 locally owned tv sets Programming includes President Roosevelt at World’s Fair Major league baseball game
First NFL Game Dumont Company, along with RCA and GE begins producing electronic television sets for consumers. Kits are available for the less affluent. 1941 FCC authorizes commercial tv to begin.
It sets television set standards
to 525-line, 30 frames per second & black & white 1946 CBS presents non-compatible mechanical color system
1947 FCC refuses CBS color request
1948 50 TV stations on air
& FCC - four year freeze on new TV licenses 1950 Zenith introduces the first remote control for tv called the “Lazy Bone” 1951 National Television System Committee (NTSC) explores color tv 1963 The Beatles appear on Ed Sullivan
1965 The fall season opens with almost all of NBC's prime time schedule produced on color film. 1970 Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is established 1972 FCC ends ban on cable TV in large cities
1972 HBO starts pay TV for cable 1976 VHS is introduced
1981 MTV on cable 1990 Children’s Television Act. Requires a minimum of 3 hours of children’s programming. 1996 One billion tvs world-wide
1997 DVD introduced 2009 Broadcast TV in the U.S. goes all- digital. Most analog transmitters are shut down
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