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Fine Dining Service Standards

No description

Kellymar Mendez

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Fine Dining Service Standards

Front of the House Structure
Cycle of Service
Rule of Thump
Table Etiquette
Steps to Master Service
Cycle of Service:

Table Etiquette
Apply the Sequence of Service.
Make sure to have a note pad and pen.

Topics to be discussed:
Front of the House Structure
Cycle of Service
Table Etiquette
Steps to Master Service
-Taking & Placing Orders
-How to Properly Serve Food & Drinks
-The "Secret" of Up-Selling
How to Provide a Five Star Dining Experience?
Rule of Thump
Company's Goal

Fine Dining Service Standards
Front of the House Structure:
Steps to Master Service
How to provide a Five Star Dining Experience?
Be knowledgeable of the menu.
Always and have a positive attitude to serve.

Work as a TEAM .

Be , rather than .

Communicate with the kitchen and bar for items.

Embrace the service culture of your .

Challenge yourself to be the at the job.
Because of the ...We exist!!
"Tell them about it, they'll know about it...
If you suggest them, they'll buy it".
To be the First Choice...
Apply the 5-15 Rule
Offer Assistance
Fond Farewell

Serve food from the left (left hand)
Clearing food from the right (right hand)

Serving and clearing beverages from the right
(right hand)
Table Set-Up will depend
on how many courses
your restaurant will serve or
which style will you prefer.
Rule of Thump:
Greet the customer with a smile.
Apply service protocol at ALL TIMES.
Address them by their name and/or sir or ma'am.
Be attentive to details.
Treat them in a professional manner.
Be consistent!!
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