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The Persuasion Imperative

No description

Emily Moody

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of The Persuasion Imperative

If you had a manager who wanted to do something against your initial inclination, which of IBM's elements would work best on you? Why?
Are the precepts of the IBM training program consistent with the concepts in this chapter? Why or why not?
IBM manager Kate Riley Tenant needed to reassign managers and engineers to form a database software team
Again based on the chapter, are there other keys to persuasion and influence that might be added to the IBM program?
The Persuasion Imperative
She had to also persuade IBM employees around the globe who did not directly report to her
IBM 's culture has evolved to persuading employees instead of directly telling them what they must do
IBM developed a training program to help managers persuade employees to help with projects
The Training Program
Build a shared vision
Negotiate Collaboratively
Make trade-offs
Build and maintain your network
Drawing from Chapter 5, do you think generational values explain the changing nature of the employer - employee relationship? Why or why not?
Yes, the precepts of the training program are consistent with this chapter
Chapter explains managerial and political power strategies, along with their benefits and short- comings
Program is a mixture of constructive and employee-friendly approaches
Rational persuasion
Inspirational appeals
Yes, other tactics can be use
Presenting facts and arguments that demonstrate the benefits of working across channels
Asking for support of others who believe in your vision
For those who need more of a personal touch - use flattery and praise
All of IBM's elements of persuasion are crucial
Rely heavily on the
build a


Best to fully understand the task and expected outcome
Fully understanding the vision can resolve any initial concerns and reservations
As humans change, so must the workplace
Generation X and Y's want to contribute to the success of the company using existing skills, more creativity and offering flexibility
IBM is providing the opportunity for employees to achieve personal an professional goals, while creating a competitive edge for the company
The Situation

Question: 2
Question: 3
Question: 4
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