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Customer Intimacy

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Toby Lang

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Customer Intimacy

The Path to Customer Intimacy
Why is Customer Intimacy Important Online?
What is Customer Intimacy?
Customer connections can be severed with the click of a finger without you ever even knowing.

of customer service interactions now no longer involving talking to an employee.

While the smartphone is clearly the device of choice for on-the-go settings, it’s also commonly used within the home as well as at the office for a mix of personal and professional activities.
How has customer intimacy changed?
Quick Breakout Question: Jim I think we can question the audience about their devices and where they are used...

of those surveyed by Google and Ipsos reported using smartphones and laptops simultaneously.
Step #1
Today’s Customers: Connected, Empowered, And Distracted
Attracting and influencing of Customers in order to hold there attention and induce them to participate in a relationship at length.
That truth is that traditional brick and mortar retailing is an inflection point. No longer are many retailers only required to compete with stores on the other side of the street. They are now required to compete with stores on the other side of the country.

Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks
Link the Customer to the Transaction
Online Shoppers are willing to put time into building a relationship with retailers:

9 out of 10
shoppers will spend on average
16 minutes
setting up preferences.

expect personalized promotions and offers.

Retailers bear the responsibility to make the most of the shopper's input.
IBM Retail Industry Perspective 2013
The vast majority of shoppers last chose to make their purchase in store, but their next purchase is uncertain:

plan on returning to a specific store.
are planning to shop online.
are undecided.

What are your challenges with creating customer intimacy (or even customer relationships) in an electronic world in your business.

- Jim I think we could have them rate themselves 1-10 on how they are doing.
- If you are a 5 and you want to be a 10, what is in your way or what actions are you taking?
Breakout #1
Breakout #2
Step #2
Identify What Data Is and Isn't Important
Step #3
Have One Source of the Truth
Step #4
Find Good Analysts
Step #5
Test and Measure
In brick and mortar stores we made decisions based on what we saw the Customer doing. In the digital space the only way to see is to track data and associate it with the Customer.
Once data collection is underway, the process of filtering out information begins.

What you exclude is as important as what you save.
Having multiple systems that contain partial pictures of the Customer lends no benefit.

"Customers expect businesses to maintain a holistic view of their interactions, regardless of what channel - online or offline."
These people are rarer than you might imagine.
Some things will work, some things won't. Don't be afraid of mistakes, as you learn a lot from them -- just don't experiment on live customers!
As Customers’ needs and behaviors change, companies must change the way they design experiences:

Customer journeys replace traditional funnels.
Firms need to shift their focus from command and control to serving customer needs.

Context trumps content.
Firms need to deliver the right content that suits a single customer’s needs at a given moment in time.

Unified experiences replace one-size-fits-all interactions.
Companies can’t afford a one-size-fits-all approach.
Yesterday’s Strategies Won’t Serve Today’s Customers
What are you testing and measuring?
Any big or small success, surprises or epic fails that can be shared?
IBM Retail 2013 From Transactions to Relationships: Connecting with a Transitioning Shopper Study
Gartner Dec 13, 2013
Gartner 2013
A 5 Step Approach to Creating Customer Intimacy.
Creating and Managing Customer Intimacy
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