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Tuck Everlasting

No description

Dorsa P

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting
Centuries ago, the Tuck family accidentally drank from the spring water that made them live forever at the same age and never die. Winnie Foster was going to drink from that water, until the Tuck's kidnapped her to explain why she shouldn't drink the water and why living forever was not a good thing. Little did the Tuck's know, a man in a yellow suit was eavesdropping on what they were saying. The man wanted to sell the water to make a fortune, but the Tuck's didn't agree. Winnie grew into liking the Tuck family more than her own, so when the man in the yellow suit grabbed her to take her home, Mae Tuck shot him in the head. The constable took Mae to jail to kill her, but there was only one flaw to the constables plan, Mae couldn't die.
The setting of my book is next to the spring water tree. That's where the Tuck's found Winnie, and kidnapped her. That's also where the Tuck's explained to Winnie the whole spring water situation when the man in the yellow suit was listening. When Mae shot the man in the head, they were also near the spring water tree. Another setting is the Tuck's house. That's where Winnie lived for a few day's until the man in the yellow suite took her away.
Main Characters
Winnie Foster: An adventurous, smart, and curious 10 year old, since she was not afraid to go out alone in the first place. She has blond curly hair and wear's skirt's. Winnie is affected by the problem the most. She is also the reason why the man in the yellow suit knew about the spring water.

Mae Tuck: Mae Tuck drank from the spring water when she was 49 years old, so now she will live forever. She has two son's with Tuck, Jessie and Miles Tuck, and she has golden brown hair. She is a woman that's not afraid to take risks, since she shot the man in the head.
Supporting Characters
The Man In The Yellow Suit: How he resembled to was, a middle age man, with brown hair in a yellow suite. He was also kind of cruel since he was planing on selling the Tuck's spring water for his own selfish needs.

Tuck: Tuck is Mae husband. He's very hard working and does a lot for the family, for example, work's to make money for the family. He is a little over weight, with a beard and a mustache.

Jessie Tuck: A 17 year old boy who like's Winnie. Jessie usually wear's overalls, and he has curly hair, he's very sweet, but not that muscular.

Miles Tuck: A 19 year old boy, that is very respectful. His favorite hobbit is fishing, so he usually fishes for the family. He is more muscular then Jessie, has brown curly hair and also wear's overalls.
The problem of the book was that the Tuck's are now going to live forever, and will never die. When Winnie found out about this water, the Tuck's had to kidnap her to explain why living forever is not a blessing. A man in a Yellow Suit, was listening to this conversation. After Mae shot the Man in the Yellow Suite in the head, the constable took her to jail to die.
The Ending
In the end, Miles helped Mae break out of jail. It was a dark and stormy night, which helped them. After Mae escaped, the Tuck's ran away so everyone could forget about them. Just before Jessie left, he gave Winnie a little bottle of the spring water, so she can drink it when she's 17. When they would eventually come back, Winnie and Jessie can be together. However, Winnie used the water to save her best friend pet frog instead.
Personal Review
I personally enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book to girls and guy's over 10, because the vocabulary is easy to understand. I would also recommend this book to people who like book's when event's happen so suddenly and unexpectedly that you don't even see it coming. Such as when Mae shot the man, I certainty didn't see it coming. I also liked how Winnie wasn't afraid to take risks. For instance when she wasn't afraid to go out alone without permission and found the tree. In the end I would definitely recommend this book to people, because it was overall pretty good.
Prezi by: Dorsa.P
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