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Digital Asset Management

No description

Laura Hervai

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital Asset Management

Extensis Portfolio -
Search options
Extensis Portfolio - Views
many sorting and viewing options

originals can be download
(depends on access level)

anybody can upload photos
(depends on access level)

galleries can be saved - e.g. separate gallery for social media photos

master keywords
Why Extensis Portfolio?
Why Extensis Portfolio?
works in a server environment,
simultaneous access of multiple user

different access level for different users

very complex search engine

multiple search options can be set at the same time

saves files in one catalog file - needs a smaller place on the server - doesn't duplicate the original files
The different solutions
The efficient workflow
People in concern:
staff members are affected in every unit
(in need of illustration materials)
PI staff - every request comes in to PI Unit
external photographers are affected
(how to edit the caption of photos, and how to send or upload them)

Current practice:
photos stored in external hard drive and CDs
when someone needs a photo in a special topic,
the whole hard drive needs to be checked by someone
time consuming
hard to find the best possible photo
Necessity, current practice
What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?
Estensis Portfolio Server
Digital Asset Management
To have an efficient workflow, standards have to be developed:
strategy for grouping items
(catalogs or galleries)
catalogs - how many to use
keywording, custom fields
user access
metadata recording
- helps to easily find assets
- creating a naming/metadata
- organizing infos: crucial, nice to have, negligible
An effective management and distribution of digital assets such as images, documents, audio and video clips.

Allows organizations to centrally catalog, store, retrieve and distribute large collections of valuable digital assets.

Why is it necessary?

a place to quickly find and retrieve assets

improved workflow efficiency and reduction in time and cost of content production
What is DAM?
Why we need it?
Why Extensis Portfolio?
we have compared many solutions
(Fotostation, Adobe Lightroom, Picajet, ACDSee Pro, Lightrocket etc.)

there are different softwares for single or server use

there are web-based solutions were the database is accessible through internet by almost anybody who got access
Extenis Portfolio
The different editions
The software has two main versions:

standalone - for a single user

server - for multiple users in a network environment
Professional edition
Studio edition
Thank you for your attention!
The options
Standalone - 260 USD
Server Studio version - 2000 USD
Server Professional edition for 6 clients - 5800 USD
one "librarian" or unit appointed to serve the needs of the region - still save a lot of time, and increase efficiency
every office can be connected
3 clients can connect at the same time
original files can be downloaded
different user access levels
all offices can be connected
a lot of users can connect at the same time
extra support services
unlimited clients
more catalogs
3 clients at the same time
max. 1 catalog
Thumbnail view
Item view
List view
(All customizable)
Multiple criteria can be set
(more keywords, or a combination of keywords, dates and time e.g.)

search according to master keyword list

findings can be saved in different galleries
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