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The Power of Vision

No description

Brianna Lauofo

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of The Power of Vision

Vision Statements! My mission in professional education is......

To provide students an education better than the one I have been given the priviledge to experience My Mission It is important to implement 21st century skills in the classroom I will prepare my students to become active and responsible citizens in their community!

- Mrs. Toadvine Good teachers form strong relationships with their students, faculty, student parents, and the school community -Swim Coaching Experience A classroom should promote a
safe zone for the free exchange of ideas Action Research Project Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Verbal Social solitary I will adapt my teaching style
to the needs and learning
styles of ALL my students,
to the best of my abilities. I will With MR. Walsh taught with passion and heart. He inspired me to become a math teacher.

My mother takes pride in being a mom and teaching us life lessons. She is my role model. Teachers should continuously push their students to the next level! You did it :D I will self-reflect on my teaching in order to improve my practice. Am I the teacher I want to be? NO student should be left behind.
- JJ to the rescue A Journal of My Purpose for Teaching Teacher Mission & Visions CHAPTER 1: bY : bRIANNA lAUOFO THE END As a teacher I will be a supporter, not an evaluator
- Mrs. Rice heart Dr.Howley
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