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Census Survey

No description

Cristina Ruiz

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Census Survey

Census Survey
H6: How are they related to each other?
H6: How are they related to each other?
She's also a housemate. She has no family relationship with the Seven Dwarfs.
7 to 12.- She's not a student. At the moment, she's hiding from her stepmother. She was born in a faraway kingdom. She has been living with the Seven Dwarfs since last summer.
5 and 6.- She lived in another adress, with her father and her stepmother, but she had to run away because her evil stepmother tried to kill her. The adress was:
Beautiful Castle Place, 2
Adress: Deep in the forest, 1
It usually lives...
The Seven Dwarfs (housemates)
Snow White (staying temporarily, she's hiding from her stepmother)
This makes 8 people living here
One year ago, she lived in

Beautiful Castle Place, 2
22: This is her passport
H7 to H14
Questions 13 to 20 and 23 to 42
Snow White
They are housemates. They are unrelated.
It is a detached house in the woods. All the rooms are behind a door that only the household can use. There's just one room, that it's heated with solid fuel (wood)
The Seven Dwarfs own the house but they have no car.

1.- Name: Snow White
Last name: Disney Princess
2.- She is a female
3.- Her birth date is May 2nd, 1725
4.- Her legal marital status is: never married and never registered a same-sex civil partnership

Her health is good although she is a bit depressed. She is not limited because of this and she has no disability.
She looks after the Seven Dwarfs in exchange for their hospitality. She is working unpaid for them but she is not going to look for another job because she is hidden.
She studied Princess degree, with a Phd in Future Queen.
She has never worked before.
She describes her national identity as Disney Princess.
She is White, Snow White.
She speaks English.
She is not a religious person.
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