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1. What task does the robot perform? What human function or

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Katie Pascale

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of 1. What task does the robot perform? What human function or

3. Does the robot have an end effector? If so, is the robotic end effector multi-functional? If so, what other tasks can it perform?

The Roombas end effector is the vacuum or brushes part of the robot that sucks up all the dirt and or dust.

7. Describe the impact that this robot has had or could have on its intended audience.

The Roomba has a very large impact on the intended audience. For example if your floor is dirty then less people will come to your house. If you have the Roomba then your floor is clean and the intended audience should increase.

1. What task does the robot perform? What human function or task does this robot simulate?

The Roomba is a vacuuming robot. This robot does the human function of vacuuming floors until they are clean from dirt, dust, hair, and debris. The Roomba is the vacuum the requires no work and is very easy to get your home clean while you can be doing other things

2. Where is the robot used? What is its work envelope (how many degrees of freedom or flexible joints does it have?

This robot is used in many homes across the United States. The Roomba has 360 degrees of freedom to work with. So it may vacuum all around your house cleaning with no problem.

4. How is the robot taught to perform its task?

The Roomba is taught to perform its task by pressing the button “Clean” on the top, then the Roomba uses its sensors to detect and clean dirt and dust so that your floors are as clean as possible.

6. Name some advantages and disadvantages of using a robot to complete this task.

The Roomba has many advantages to it. All you have to do is press the bottom on the top that says “clean” to get it to move and start to clean your house! When your entire house is clean it will go back to its charging station and recharge until you need it next. Also the Roomba has many sensors in it so that it may move all over your house without falling down stairs or bumping into tables or chairs. Despite all the advantages of the Roomba there are also disadvantages like you may not hear the Roomba cleaning and step on it. The Roomba is also very expensive, some up to 700 dollars!

5. What sensors does the robot have and how does the robot use these sensors?

The robot has a technology called “IAdapt” where the Roomba has a sensor when it goes close the stairs it turns around and when it detects a lot of dirt it vacuums that spot more. It also allows the Roomba to crisscross the floor with ease.

8.What type of jobs/careers can this robot create to provide employment for people?

The Roomba is a vacuum that requires no work at all. You can start your Roomba and even leave your house to go to work because it goes back to its charging station by itself and requires no supervision. So you can be at a job interview, at your job, or even scanning the internet to find a job!

9. Predict and explain how this robot may be altered to perform more or different tasks in the future.
The Roomba may be altered to a higher cleaning percentage in the future so that the vacuum can such up more on the first time it senses dirt or dust so it does not have to go back and vacuum it.

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By: Katie Pascale
3rd period

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