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No description

Daniel Toledo

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Product

They often use expensive shoes
Usually dressed in designer clothing
They are known for using expensive perfumes
Usually wears sunglasses from well known brands
Also associated with skin care products
Our company was founded in 1908 in Australia.
Today we boasts over ten product ranges for both men and women
all of them developed with the latest in hygiene technology
We ensure the brand continues to deliver on the promise it made all those years ago: great antiperspirant that won’t let you down.
A new twist on the classic jock who has a bit of metro-sexual in him although they have the classic love of sport.
The classic, sweaty sportsman is now affiliated and endorsed by major healthcare products and many expensive clothing brands.
no longer are associated with being dumb or unhygienic.
The term can now be associated with some of the biggest athletes in the world.

body spray
shower gel
Antiperspirant gel
shaving gel/foam
skin care (face wash)
Face cleansing
Face moisturizer
Shaving gel
Deodorant aerosol
Deodorant roll-on
Eye roll-on
Product map
Lorelle for men
Chick Magnet
Crisp Clean
More Convenient
People want to be able to look presentable and clean at all times.
To be able to carry around there products in a more convenient way.
Staying fresh and clean all day
want reliable hygiene products at a low cost
Need to stand out as someone who is well-kept and elegant
Product description
Occasion and benefit Segmentation
User and loyalty status
Age: 20-25
Sex - Male
Income - any
Hobbies- train hard and exercice
Always on the go
looking for a range of benefits seeked from one product
Regular, potential and first time users
Consumers that are loyal to Rexona's products
Has antiperspirant gels, but no sprays which are more convenient.
Their gels come in packaging which is not suitable to carry around.
They do not sell any sort of hair products.
Only offers 24 hour protection.
Our products offers 48 hours of protection
Does not offer any hair styling products.
Their antiperspirants don't come in small bottles.
Therefore its not comfortable to walk around with.
Contains Allergens that can cause allergic reactions and rashes.
Our products is allergen free.
Don't make any hair products
Their antiperspirants bottles are to big to carry around
Our products will be able to be carried around anywhere.
Their products can cause allergic reactions in people.
Makes no anti-perspirents
Their hair waxes and gels are not convenient to carry around
Gels only offer a strong hold or a sleek and shiny style while our products offers both.
Leaves a greasy residue on your hands.
Positioning Strategy
Our aim is that our product comes to our target markets mind whenever they are looking for something similar to ours.
We expect our product to have a strong product positioning because there is nothing like it.
We plan on standing out in the market differentiating ourselves from competitors by providing things their products don't.
Such as a cheaper alternative to similar products from other brands and a more convenient product.

Macro Environment


The macro environment involves wider forces that affect the actors in the micro environment. Macro-environmental forces can shape opportunities or potentially pose threats on the success of Rexona moving forward
The study of the human population in terms of size, density, location, age, gender, race, occupation
Rexona has a major interest to the demographic environment because it involves people and people make up markets
Rexona will adapt to the changes in the world demographic environment that have major implacations to business.

Factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns
Changes in income and spending of consumers will have an effect on sale amounts of Rexona's products
Changing of consumer spending patterns also has an effect on sales. Most household income is spent on food, housing and transportation. Rexona will reach out the usefulness of its products to its consumers
Natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities
Rexona are aware of several trends in the natural environment that involves growing shortages of raw materials, air and water pollution
Rexona has adapted to these trends and have produced their products in recognition of them
Institutions and other forces that affect a society's basic values, perceptions, preferences and behaviours
People's views on themselves, others, organizations, society and nature impacts on their decision making when purchasing products.
Rexona predicts cultural shifts in order to spot new opportunities or threats and targets its products and services based on self-views
Threat of new entrants
Threat of substitute products or services
Bargaining power of customers
Bargaining power of suppliers
Rivalry Between Firms
The introduction of our product would attract other brands to create similar products to ours.
If our product makes big sales it would attract even more brands because they will realize that is is profitable.
Because of competitors there is a chance that we will lose control of the pricing we have on our product.
Customer loyalty would also diminish if to many brands are selling the same thing.
There is the threat that if others make substitute products the price of our products will fall
Customers will start making differentiations between products.
Buyers will switch to other products depending on the cost.
With a bigger range buyers will more easily substitute your product for another.
We believe that the uniqueness of our product will not give buyers power over the price.
Although if too many competitors arise the price sensitivity of buyers will increase.
Suppliers can affect us at any time by doing things such as increasing the price of the materials needed to create our product.
We hope to create partnership with suppliers in to make them favour us over our competitors.
Competition with existing firms means that more has to be spent on advertisements.
The competitiveness of the market means our product has to be innovative and sustainable
We must have a strong competitive strategy in order to be succesful
A process that allows an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage
Rexona's marketing strategy involves creating unique products that differentiates from the products of its competitors
A marketing strategy helps Rexona in defining business goals and develops activities to achieve them
Internal and external environments play a major part in it
Rexona's marketing strategy is drawn from market research and focuses on the right product mix in order to achieve the maximum profit potential and sustain the business.
IMC Components
This will be done by advertising the product on electronic media such a television in order to make our product as household name.
We also want to further expose the product by also using printed media such as magazines and newspapers in order to reach a wider audience.
The target market of our products is fairly young and for that reason we want to put emphasis on advertising through social media
Another big plan we have to advertise is the use of signs and posters.
We will provide the public with samples of our product, expecting positive feedback
We are in the process of selecting only the best candidates for sponsorship
Schedule and budget
Deodorant body spray
Deodorant antiperspirant
Foot care
Shower gel (3 in 1 hair/body/face)
The reason why we have developed this product and aimed it at the jock dolly tribe is because over the recent years there has been a recurring trend of athletes who are associated with having the "pretty boy" image.
We have created a product which makes it easy to look good at all times.
It contains a hair wax that leaves no residue and a long lasting allergen free antiperspirant that can fit in your pocket.
Therefore the name pocket styler
IMC Strategy
To form customer loyalty towards our product by offering higher quality than other similar products.
According to our products life cycle the pocket styler's sales will start reasonably slow and will start the growth stage around the third month.
We expect our product to reach
a steady growth by the third month
and continue the growth stage until the seventh month. While in this stage we will market our product a lot in order to expose to the product to most of our targ market while it is still new in order to try and make it reach maximum sales in the months to come.
By the time our product reaches the maturity stage we expect to hit 20,000 sales. We assume that by this stage other brands would start to produce similar products which would lower our over- all sales but we intend to start a buy one get one free promotion when our sales start to decrease.
In the decline stage our product sales
will start dropping very quickly therefore
we plan on adding some modifications to
it that would it look like a new product.
Emotional Appeal
By portraying our product with sports imagery and other sporting events we aim to attract our target market to our product through the emotional appeal of sport.
We will be sending posters and signs promoting our product examples including the ones shown.
They will be displayed in relevant stores, bus stops and large billboards.
By doing so we will be exposing our product to a wider range of people.
Signs & Posters
Tv Ads
Our aim is to be advertising our products on the television screen before, during and after sporting events.
This will be done because our main target market are sporting enthusiasts and athletes.
In this way we are exposing our product to our target market.
Our plan is to attract fans by choosing professional atheletes, and sporting clubs to be sponsored by us.
the purpose of this is so the fans of those sports stars will also be enclined to purchase our product.
Examples include: Barcelona FC and the Lotus F1 Teams
We aim to show our product in magazines that relate to the Jock dolly lifestyle.
The point of only using these types of magazines is because we know its the magazines our target market is most likely to read.
Therefore we know we are aiming our advertisements at the people we want it to be aimed at.
Thank you for listening
Our product is in the shape of a cylinder.
It is the length of an iphone and has a diameter of 3 cm for easy storage in your pocket.
On one end it has a anti-perspirant spray which is is covered by a twist off lid.
The other side contains a tray with hair wax in it that slides in and out for easy use.
Comes a range of different colours
Made of plastic.
Social Media

We understand that social media is the greatest source in order to reach out to wider communities
We have selected the most popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to present out product to the public.
Most of out target market are on facebook, therefore by using our own Facebook Page we will be able promote our product by updating statuses and uploading photos.
This is an event which is free to sign up and register as a member of rexona
Every person who joins gets a free package of the new Rexona Pocket Styler
The event consist of several activities
The winner will receive a $500 voucher to rebel sport
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