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CUL 710 Final Presentation

Collette Belanger

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Calligraphy

Presentation Overview 1. Introduction
2. Tools
3. Timeline
5. Video
6. Modern Calligraphy Pens Brushes Inks Dip
Pens Fountain
Pens Ruling
Pens Pilot Parallel
Pens Round
Brushes Flat
Brushes Brush
Markers India
Inks Watercolour Gouache Chinese
Stick Inks Rustic Capitals I III IV Uncial Script Roman Square Capitals VII Visigothic Script IX Carolingian Script XII Gothic Script Copperplate Script XVI The Art of the Written Word A Presentation By Collette Belanger κάλλος [kallos] + γραφή [graphẽ]
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