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Shawn and RonDarrius

No description

lib hist

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Shawn and RonDarrius

Medal Of Honor
The Medal of Honor is an award given to military men or women who do outrageous acts during their business. The people that are awarded are given great honor, patriotism, courage and valor.
William Adams
William Adams was a soldier in the Vietnam War. He was a soldier who helped three of his men who were injured by staying with them and not letting them down. William was also injured himself when he was doing these great acts of work.
John Finn
John was a soldier in the military. John showed lots of courage and honor by saving several of his "brothers" when he was fighting, John was badly wounded and injured by being shot when he was helping his squad.
Harold Hagerholm showed honor by assisting a squadron on a counterattack
Sammy Davis showed honor by supporting his men when they were under heavy mortar attack
William Adams showed honor by assisting three seriously wounded soldiers.
John Finn showed honor by shooting all the enemies that attacked and saving several of his men
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis was a soldier that was an amazing soldier. He made several trips back and forth a river to save his fellow mates while he was injured himself. He was among the 42 people fighting against 1500 people. One of his quotes was "I didnt come to kill people, but i came to show love and courage to his family."
Harold Christ Hagerholm
Harold hagerholm was a soldier who fought for his life and his mates. There was a counterattack against his fleet and he was one of the men to help defend his crew. This counterattack could have taken out not only him, but his entire crew of men.
Shawn and RonDarrius
Harold Hagerholm showed courage by finding a Jeep Ambulance with supplies to carry his men.
Sammy Davis showed courage by giving cover to his men while he was blasted into a foxhole, he found a mortar and got several bullets off to pick off many enemies.
William Adams showed courage by serving on a ship to help many of his injured mates
John Finn showed courage by helping the Pearl Harbor attack that was happening against him and his fleet.
Harold Hagerholm showed patriotism by doing self sacrificing efforts in the face of death
Sammy Davis showed Patriotism by fighting not to kill but to show honor to his parents and family
William Adams showed patriotism by helping his men to shore when they were injured
John Finn showed patriotism by standing in the open fire with his .50 caliber machine gun against heavy tank fire
Harold Hagerholm was a Valor because he did acts that could have caused his death
Sammy Davis was a valor because he kept on firing against people when his real force was to help the people
William Adams was a valor because he saved three seriously injured soldiers at the risk of his own life
John Finn was a valor because he shot multiple enemies that would have taken his own fleet of men
Soldiers who fought and received the Medal of Honor award were true heroes. In my mind people that received this award are very kind and special. These soldiers have done acts where they face death right in the eye. Many soldiers have died doing these acts and have proven to be a real soldier. Soldiers fight for their country and their freedom not because they want to kill but because they want their freedom and to prove to their parents or to family that they are showing Patriotism to them. Soldiers fall for the country doing something they love an for their own personal accomplishments.
Sources from Military.com
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