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An Open Heart: The story of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

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Jenny Ayala

on 30 May 2011

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Transcript of An Open Heart: The story of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

An open heart: The story of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams
By: Jenny Marie Ayala As a child Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was an apprentice to a shoe maker but as a teen he followed into his fathers footsteps by becoming a barber. Where he moved to Janesville, Wisconsin were he attended high school and worked in a barber shop his family owned. Dr. Williams was born in 1856 in Hollidayburg, Pennsylvania . Daniel was the fith of eight children. He was forced to move to Baltimore, Maryland with relatives because his mother could not provide for her family. As a barber Daniel met a Dr. Palmer who was a famous heart surgeon in the area he soon became his mentor and helped him apply to some of the top medical schools in the country. Emma Reynolds had applied to all the nursing schools in the area and was excepted to known because of her race this inspired Dr. Williams to open the first nursing school for African Americans were Emma graduated top of the class. He also opened Provident hospital which was made specifically for African Americans. Dr. Williams changed the way African Americans fought during the civil rights movement. He showed African Americans that it is possible to make a change without having to use violence. The civil rights movement started in the mid 1800s and ended in the late 1900s. Some of the Leader of the civil rights movements were Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Dr. Daniel Hale Williams who preformed the first open heart surgery in the world. Dr. Williams recieved many awards and attended many Health Care conferences were he was praised for preforming the first open heart surgery this made him the worlds most famous heart surgeon in history. He recieved many awards for this acomplishment. In 1931 Dr. Williams died after a life filled with acomplishments and hope for African Americans. Dr. Williams attended Northwestern university were he majored in medical arts. Dr. Williams graduated in 1883 with a degree in medicine. In 1883 do to his work at local hospitals and teaching in Northwestern,Dr. Williams became one of four African American doctors in the area, he gained so much respect within the community he was appointed to the Illinois Board of Health. In this time Dr. Williams witnessed the second class treatment given to African Americans and he was outraged by it all. During this time he had the chance to meet many African Americans like one Emma Reynolds who would inspire Dr. Williams begin making history. In 1893 a man named James Cornish came to Provident with a blood whom to the chest this is when Dr. Williams made the decision to open up the patients heart and preform the first heart surgery ever done in the world. The Civil Rights Movement: In the following video you will see some of the leaders of the civil rights movement. Also, you will get to see some of the protesting tactics used in the Civli Rights Movement. This video shows some of the people/ Civil Rights Leaders and what they had to go through for African Americans to have a place in todays society. The information above was found in the following sites: Robinson,Sara."Dr.Daniel Hale Williams". April 9,2011.www.gibbsmagazine.com/Dr.Williams.htm Providentfoundation.org."History:Dr.Daniel Hale Williams". April 9,2011.www.providentfoundation.org/history/williams.htm blackinventor.com."Daniel Hale Williams".April 10,2011.www.blackinvetor.com/page/daniel-williams.htm Infoplease.com."Williams,Daniel Hale".April 11, 2011. www.infoplease.com/ce6/people/a0852325.html This video shows Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and the history he created. This film has a some what good reanaction of what happen to Mr. Cornish the man Dr. Williams needed to operate.
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