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British & American Food Culture

영미 음식 문화

claire park

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of British & American Food Culture

American & British FOOD CULTURE 10 Best Franchises in USA Daily Meal Dinner Traditional Food..? Lunch Group Group (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... 1. Item
2. Bread
3. Size
4. Extras
5. Veggies
6. Sauce
7. Meal FACE OFF! VS Only 3 burgers?? Protein burger Animal style fries yummy... ...hidden 2 menu? Breakfast Sort of America food Breakfast
(Brunch) = Breakfast + Lunch
Dinner Common Sense Are British Foods Delicious?
- NO.

- Because of cool climate of British, they didn't take rich ingredients.
- Because of historical events (Industrial Revolution, World War I, World War II), they should make faster and simpler food. British Regional Foods Scotland

Haggis is a kind of savory pudding containing sheep's pluck (heart, liver and lungs — see offal) British Regional Foods Wales

Bara brith, sometimes known as "speckled bread" (the literal meaning of the original Welsh-language name), can be either a yeast bread enriched with dried fruit (similar to the Irish barmbrack) or something more like a fruitcake made with self-raising flour (no yeast). It is traditionally made with raisins, currants and candied peel. British Regional Foods Northern Ireland

Colcannon (Irish: cál ceannann, meaning "white-headed cabbage") is a traditional Irish dish mainly consisting of mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage. It is also the name of a song about the dish. Americans simply enjoy
toast, egg, bacon & milk/orange juice
for their breakfast! English Breakfast English Breakfast is mainly made of baked bacon, sausage, egg, fried potato, bean. Each Cafés have different trait. Why not Cereal? Roast Beef &Yorkshire Pudding British Regional Foods English Breakfast Traditional British Foods waffles & pancakes Roast Beef Sunday’s roast
That’s because a long time ago, Britain was impoverished nation. So, they wanted to eat well even Sunday. Yorkshire Pudding Yorkshire Pudding originated from Yorkshire area.
Yorkshire Pudding is eaten together Roast Beef. In old days, because of poverty, before eating costly meat, to fill one’s stomach Yorkshire Pudding was eaten. Fish and chips Hot Dogs &Burgers
with French Fries
and Soda -fish and chips is ordinary food that consists of cutting potatoes and battered fish.

-Originally it is Britain food, but widely known in many countries. Especially ,one of famous fast food in New Zealand and Australia.
Also it sells well in waterfront. WHAT? First introduced in Saint Louis, Louisiana in 904 APPETIZER SOUP sALAD MEAT/SEAFOOD WHY? Britain is a country surrounded by the seas. So marine products are abundant. Also because the weather is cool, potato farming is well-developed. <<GRILLED CHICKEN>> <<BAKED/GRILLED SALMON>> DETAIL Fish & Chips is one of the most famous food in Britain. Because America’s enormous hamburger culture is coming in Britain, Fish & Chips is ousted a little. But still many people like that food. Also fish & chips store is called Chippy. However small the village, we find the store.
In short, fish & chips is one of the delicious and low-priced food in Britain that everything is expensive <<PORK/BEEF STEAK>> <<LOBSTER TAIL>> Smoked salmon DESSERT WHAT? Smoked salmon
With lemon tea or pepper
If you want to feel the right flavor, order scotch smoked salmon YUM YUM YUM SUBWAY NO.1 Native American + European NO!! INSTEAD... NEW ENGLAND REGIONAL CUISINE HAWAIIAN MIDWEST Kensas City: BBQ Rib Chicago Style Hot Dogs & Pizza AMERICAN SOUTH Fried Chicken Cajun & Creole 영국 마트에서 판매하는 인스턴트 치킨 티카 마살라 영국 마트에서 판매하는 인스턴트 치킨 티카 마살라 CALIFORNIA THANKSGIVING DAY 옵션, 사진. TURKEY PIE STUFFING Mashed Potato Gravy Kebab Chicken & Chips Calories Good Calories.. Bad Calories!! Calories in America Fried Chicken 222kcal/85g(a piece)
A Hamburger (Big MAC) 511kcal, (Double Quarter)760kcal
Pizza 조각 250kcal, 311kcal
A Hot Dog 280kcal
Potato Chip 30g 160kcal
Spaghetti(per serving) 690kcal
French Fries(R) 250kcal
Coke 102.5kcal/250ml
Sprite 100kcal/250ml
Filet Mignon(including soup&rice) 860kcal
Beef Steak(including soup&rice)  900kcal Recommended Calorie Intake Male(age 20~29years): 2300~2500kcal
Female(age 20~29): 1800~2000kcal Recommended Calories for "A Meal" Female(age 20~29) 500kcal…. Calories in Korea A bowl of rice 313kcal
Bulgogi(per serving(250g) 300kcal
Dwen Jang Jjigae(with rice) 390kcal
Boo Dae Jjigae(with rice)640kcal
Yuk Gae Jang(with rice)500kcal
Bibimbob 580kcal then... Average Calories per serving 4 pieces of pizza (1000kcal)
Half size of Fried Chicken (1110kcal)
Big MAC Combo (900kcal)
Double-quarter Cheese Burger(1140kcal)
Spaghetti + Soda (800kcal)
Steak + more (900kcal + more) British Table Manners & Culture British Table Manners & Culture Always use cutlery Except bread, pizza, sandwiches,
burgers, chips and fruit British Table Manners & Culture Do not open your mouth
While you’re chewing

Sit up straight in your chair British Table Manners & Culture Scoop the soup away from you British Table Manners & Culture 1 2 Still eating Finish British Table Manners & Culture lovely...? (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr GROUP 7 SooMin Kang ChoA Park MinA Kim GoEun Lee DoWon Kim Thank You Details.. YuYoung Lee SoAe Yoon YeonJung Noh EunA Kang Dover sole WHAT?
Representative of Britain fish dish.
The premier white fish with a unique and
delicate flavor. HOW? After roasting a flatfish which is caught from strait of Dover eating by season with salt and pepper and add the lemon juice. Jacket Potatoes WHAT?
The simplest and most popular or all potato dishes.
Cheap dish for ordinary person. HOW? Cook the potatoes in
their skins.

Add your favorite topping and eat. HOW? Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then served in a tomato cream sauce.
Serve with rice or warm pita bread. Chicken Tikka Masala WHAT?

The most popular chicken curry dish
in England.

It is generalized to Briton’s home meal and food rations for soldiers. Contents

Daily Meal
Drive Through
The Fatal Problem
Regional Cuisin
Thanksgiving Day ok Contents 1. Common Sense About British Foods 2. British Regional Foods 3. Traditional British Foods 4. 5. British Table Manners & Culture Popular Foreign Foods In England
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