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Week 8 Vocabulary

No description

Kaitlin Meisler

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Week 8 Vocabulary

Week 8 Vocabulary
Main Idea
The most important or central thought of a nonfiction text

Ex. The main idea of the Pokemon Go article is that the game is introducing many people to augmented reality
Dramatic Irony
occurs when a character or speaker says or does something that has a different meaning from what he thinks it means, though the audience and other characters understand fully.

Ex. In Frozen, the audience knows that the reason Elsa avoids Anna is because she has powers she can't control, but Anna just thinks she doesn't like her.
Situational Irony
occurs when a situation turns out differently (or the exact opposite) from what one would normally expect
Verbal Irony
occurs when a speaker says one thing while meaning the opposite

drawing conclusions from given information

Ex. Sheldon Cooper: I took another look at the board, and I realized you were right.
Raj Koothrappali: So you were wrong.
Sheldon Cooper: I’m not saying that.
Raj Koothrappali: That’s the only logical inference.
Sheldon Cooper: I’m still not saying it
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