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veronica towers

Empire State Building and Sears Tower

tina moneypenny

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of veronica towers

The Empire State Building Vs The Sears Tower Size The Empire State Building is standing 1,454 feet tall While... The Sears Tower is standing 1,450 ft. tall.
They are only 4 feet apart! Location The Sears Tower is located in Illinois, Chicago however... The Empire State Building is in New York. When were the structures built The Sears Tower was built in 1974 but... the Empire State Building was constructed in 1931. Computers weren't even out back then! fact #1 fact #2 fact #3 fact #4 Cost The Sears Tower cost $175, 000, 000 to build while... The Empire State Building cost $40, 948, 900. The Empire State Building Design features and how it handles forces acting fact #5 One of the forces acting on the towers is the wind blowing against them which would cause them to rock back and forth, but there are some design features that the helped make structures sturdy and more stronger. Empire State Building :
~ built of limestone and granite
~ 5 story base that makes it more stronger and sturdier
Sears Tower :
~ formed from 9 strong square tubes bundled up together, each 75 ft. wide
~ made of steel to make it stronger Thank you for watching Veronica's Prezi ! :) :-)
Thats allot!
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