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Caroline Kim

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Pericles

and Aspasia

Christy Kim
Caroline Kim
Pericles was born from a powerful and influential
Almaeonid family (a powerful noble family from ancient Athens) from his mother’s side.
Back in the Days
In ancient cities such as Athens,
Women had few rights; men had more say than women did.
It was another society that was ruled by patriarchy “the rule of the father”.
Where men had the primary authority and played central roles in politics, philosophy, economy, and majority of public life.
Women were meant to be seen and UNHEARD.
Introducing..... Aspasia
Born around 470 BCE in Miletus (Ionian Greek) on the coast of Western Turkey in Asia Minor.
Due to her background education/knowledge (highly educated), scholars believed that she was born into a wealthy family. Axiochus, Aspasia’s father, insisted that she be schooled by her mother and household slaves.
Aspasia discovered the power that women had in myths and various stories, and used this as an inspiration to her. Scholars are unsure of “how “she arrived in Athens.
The Gossip
As the companion of Athens' leading politician, Aspasia quickly became the target of much malicious gossip, and she was soon accused of being a hetaira: a high-class courtesan, rather like a Japanese Geisha girl. These women would entertain wealthy men during their symposia, or dinner parties, but were not considered suitable as wives or companions. Whether Aspasia had actually been a hetaira is unclear.
Arrived in Athens around 440 B.C.E.
Broke the whole trend of women being confined in home. She was SEEN and HEARD.
She was an active participant in public life active participant in symposiums and eventually acquired the fame and prominence that men possessed.
Aspasia independently minded, witty, and with a gifted intellect even the philosopher Socrates acknowledged Aspasia as being among the best of the city,
She was hated for breaking the trend, and became target of much malicious gossip.
Aspasia in Athens
Here comes Pericles
Athenian leader Pericles consulted her as an equal, made no effort to confine her into home; he did not prevent her mixing with important men, and openly showed great affection
Caught the attention of Pericles (general and the city’s democratic leader), Pericles divorced his wife who had two sons to marry Aspasia.
But… they were unable to marry so she became his pallakis (companion) had a son which was named after his father, Pericles.
Gossip she was falsely accused of urging Pericles to crush the island of Samos (Miletus old rival) which provoked the war with Sparta.
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He was the most prominent and influential Greek statesman, orator, and general of Athens during the time between the Persian and Peloponnesian wars.
- Since the downfall of Athens after the Persian War, he provided building programs that employed thousands of laborers & construction workers.
-Wanted Athens to be the most beautiful city
- He was very prideful and boastful of Athens----- "Athens" fan
Pericles made Athens the most sophisticated city.
- There were communities of
What did he DO??
He had the Athenian democracy in his hands and lead from 401 BCE to 429 BCE
THE End??
To the windows
to the walls
to the sweat drip down my.......
christy i just trolled you
ME Gusta?!
delete before
presentation date
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