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2.04 What is Stock Anyway? - Honors

No description

Keyhara Tommie

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of 2.04 What is Stock Anyway? - Honors

Name of Company: TD Ameritrade
Contact Information: (800) 454-9272
Company details: No subscription or platform fees, powerful stock trading platforms, and free independent research
Type of Investment: Stocks
Risk level: High
Expected rate of return: 0.14%
Minimum required investment: $2000.00
Why are you interested in this investment?
Aggressive Investment
Name of Company: BB&T Bank
Contact information: (800) 642-8545
Company details: "Offers a wide range of mutual funds designed to help you meet your retirement goals and make the most of your investment funds."
Type of investments: Mutual fund
Risk level: Medium
Expected rate of return: 7%
Minimum required investment: $10,000.00
Why are you interested in this investment?
Moderate Investment
Name of company: Bank of America
Contact information: (844) 375-7027
Company details: Helps people understand their money and how to build better money habits
Type of investment: CD
Risk level: Low
Expected rate of return: 0.07%
Minimum required investment: $10,000.00

Why are you interested in this investment?
Conservative Investment
2.04 What is Stock Anyway? - Honors
Ke'Yhara Tommie
Mrs. McGee
Economics Honors

I'm interested in investing into a CD with Bank of America because its safe and trustworthy. I want to be able to invest into a deal that will keep and protect the money that I put into the bank until it becomes of use to me. I'm also interested in CDs with BOA due to the fact that there are different beneficial options to choose from and there are fixed, predictable rates.
I'm interested in investing into a mutual fund because it will provide flexibility with the investment size. For instance, other investment types my require a certain amount of money to start off with, while mutual funds will allow you to put down what you want (there is a minimum). They also provide diversification, professional management, and they make it easier to buy investments. Mutual funds can help you earn more money.
Stocks play a major role in our everyday lives. They are risky, but they have the potential for higher returns and they pay dividends. Stocks help with company growth. As the company growth increases, the amount of money that you get back increases.
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