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Module 4.9 Project

No description

Cynthia Whatsherface

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Module 4.9 Project

Paris, France Paris Paris, France played a big part during it's renaissance. This includes the spread of humanism, early exploration of the "New World"; and development of new important techniques such as printing, sculpture, music, architecture and vernacular literature. Today, Paris attracts many tourists every year, with its amazing landscapes, architectural buildings, and food. The Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular structures in France. This tower attracts about 6 million people each year(about 500,000 each day). It's breath taking height, beautiful details, and history makes it one of the most famous tourist attractions. Another must see place in Paris is the Champs- Elysses. Champs-Elysses is a well known street in Paris. It is home to many different shops and restaurants for people to enjoy. It is filled with beautiful gardens and is a fashionable avenue. Arc de Triomphe is also a must see location for anyone visiting or living in Paris. The Arc is located right at the end of Champs-Elysses and stands at 164 ft in height. This Arc is filled with ancient roman designs and is a beautiful structure to see and learn about. Places in Paris that represent
the legacy of renaissance Arc de Triomphe Bastille Notre Dame Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam During the 17th century, Amsterdam was in it's Golden Age, since it became the wealthiest city in the world during that time. This city formed the basis of a world-wide trading network and had the largest share in Dutch East India Company and Dutch West India Company. Today, millions of people visit each year Amsterdam (11,3 million in 2011). One of the places that are great to visit in Amsterdam is Dam Square. This building is a good historical site for tourists to abserve and take time to appreciate it. It is located in the heart of Amsterdam and its perfect for anyone with a taste for history. Another must-see place in Amsterdam is Albert Cuyp Market. This market is the busiest outdoor market in Europe with about 300 stalls of fresh produce, clothes, and other items at a very cheap price. This market attracts thousands of people each day and is great for tourists. Amsterdam's canals are also a must see for people. This city is known as "The Venice of the north" because of its various canals. Many canal tours are offered so people can relax and enjoy the beautiful waters of Amsterdam's canals. What a great way to relax while visiting Amsterdam! Oude Kerk Dam Square The Westerkerk Places that represent the renaissance legacy in Amsterdam London, England London During the renaissance period of London, this city was the most important trading centre, and political. Since then, a lot has changed in London, good or bad. Today, London is a well know city with many features. When visiting London, the "London Eye" is one of the perfect places to visit. The London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and the most paid tourist attraction in the U.K. The London Eye stands at 443 ft and is situated in the banks of River Thames. This ride is great for anyone especially tourists, to look over mostly all of Europe and to have fun. The Olympic Park is another great place to visit in London. This park is great for anybody who's interested in sports to visit. The 2012 Summer Olympics was held here and is great for tourists to take a look at how the Olympics looks like outside of their living room walls. The Elizabeth Tower(known as Big Ben) is another example of place to visit in this city. London is mostly known for this humongous clock tower all around the world. This historical clock was opened in 1859 and stands at about 316 ft in height. The tower's architectural style of Gothic Revival attracts tourists each year, making it a must see attraction. Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) Tower Bridge Buckingham Palace Places that represent the renaissance legacy in London Places that represent the renaissance legacy in Rome St. Peter's Basilica Borghese gardens San Paolo fuori le Mura Rome, Italy Rome Venice, Italy Venice Places that represent the renaissance legacy in Venice Gallerie Dell'accademia Santa Maria Della salute Grassi Palazzo During the renaissance of Rome, religion was very important. Popes wanted created amazing bridges, and squares to become better than other Italian cities.
If anyone were to visit Rome, they should visit the
Colosseum. It is an ancient amphitheatre located in the centre of Rome. This theatre is great for people interested in the history of ancient Rome. It's also good for anyone to marvel at the beauty of the building's designs and architectural style. The Trevi Fountain in Rome is also a must see place in Rome. Each year, thousands of tourists go there to toss coins in the ancient fountain. Legend has it, when someone tosses a coin in the fountain, they are guaranteed to return to Rome. The last place that I believe is a must see in Rome are the Spanish Steps. They're a steep flight of stairs in Rome where many people sit and relax. The stairs are very ancient and make them very welcoming for tourists.
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