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Our Business Model of Panera Bread

No description

lakshay maharana

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Our Business Model of Panera Bread

Business Model Canvas of Panera Bread
Our Business Model of Panera Bread
by: Lakshay Maharana, Justin Chan, David Zheng, and Atul Nair
Value Proposition
Customers want handmade organic food
satisfies hunger and sense of healthiness
customizable meals
fast production
Cost Structure
buying the foods required for all meals
buying silverware for customers to use
a truck for catering
a caterer
a developer for app of ordering online
chef for each location
Home/business delivery
Store pickup
Also offers catering
Customer Segments
People love grains and organic food
People love efficient things and usually are impatient
People who enjoy the privilege to have fresh and hot food on their table
People who live in cold areas and want hot, fresh food
People who can benefit from the time saved through Panera Online
Revenue Streams
You can subscribe to their website to get free coupons and free meals but you have to pay a certain amount first.
Panera Bread sells fresh hot food to those who want it.
Panera Online
Key Partners
Key Activities
Customer Relationships
Partners with Covelli Enterprise
A franchise company
Panera relies on franchises
Also partners with Feeding America
Food charity
Panera gives leftover bread

Organic food
Artisan Bread
New on the menu
Catering options
My Panera rewards
Key Resources
Making the food
Contacting Industry Drivers
Ingredients for food
Industry Drivers
Social Media
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