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melanie michelle

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Bioscopes Summer 2013
to design an ecological experiment.

Melanie, Dawn, Wes, Deborah and Monique
The grass is always greener on the other side.


LabQuest UV light meter
Over a four day research period, we conducted a standard procedure twice daily.

Locate appropriate areas to flag (each side of the trail) four targets 1m apart, starting 1m in from the concrete trail, and three target areas 10m apart (totaling 24 target areas).
Using a trowel and yard stick, dig 10cm down at each target.
Samples approx. 5g were collected in cups and labeled accordingly.
Tested moisture with the moisture meter at each target, and recording data each morning and afternoon. Record data.
. We took UV readings with the LabQuest monitor to measure sunlight intensity at each target, each morning and afternoon. Record data.
Test variables will be the nutrients of the soil, pH, phosphorous, potassium, and nitogen.
The hypothesis was not supported, as there was no significant difference in any of the outcome variables to explain the greater foliage coverage and growth on the NW side than the SE side of the trail.

The foliage coverage on the NW side was 91% and the SE side was 32%.

Improvements we would make are to conduct multiple nutrient trials, measure after a rain storm, to test runoff, and test several angles of the sunlight.
Why is there more
foliage on the left
side than the right side of
the Seminole Wekiva Trial?
moisture meter
soil test kit
tape measure and flags
The hypothesis is that the foliage on the southeast side of the pedestrian trail is less dense than on the northwest side of the trail, there will be a measurable difference in one of these limiting factors: soil moisture, nutrient content, sun exposure and pH level.

Graphs and Data
Proceeding with the Procedures
Soil samples

We are here
based on the data there was no substantial difference within the test variable results.
Digging the scene...
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