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the food i like

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of the food i like

James Hall
video games
the games
i like halo
the animals i hate
i hate spiders
i like cars
i like sports cars

i like
i like water pokemon like this one
the food i do not like.
i hate things that live in the Ocean

like thees
the dogs i like
i love thees
and others cars like this
and fire pokemon like
and lining pokemon
and i like
team fortes
i like mine craft
and i like the pig
in the back
round :)
i hate mosquitoes

this is

fish is really
bad i hate it.
i hate

and this is the
wrest of all the
giant squid
i hate both of thees animals
but is one i hate most of all
and this is why.
the games i hate
and the car i like most of all is this one
and i like grass pokemon
and metal pokemon
i hate thees games i hate
my favored you tubers

my favored is
my other one
i like is Mich and
and smosh game

this one is mich-->
<--jrome is this one

my family smiles

my dad
my mom
my sister
my brother
contracts paper
i think I'm like me dad he love to cook and i do to we love to play video games and we like lot of the same food and my mom and are the same because I'm happy and joy full and i have a OK attitude.
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