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Website Analysis: Elle

No description

Nicole Hatherall

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Website Analysis: Elle

Because websites are free to use, they are funded through advertising. There is not an abundance of advertising on Elle's site, suggesting that they probably make enough money through the magazine and advertisements within the magazine to fund their website as well. Elle have advertised their own product, the 'new, fully enhanced digital edition'. As I mentioned in the paragraph prior to this, Elle want to reach out to their readers and show that they are in touch with modern technology, relating particularly to the younger people in the audience, showing that they are like them and as though they can almost spend time with them online. Advertising their own products is something that is usually successful because the audience will already have come onto the website in order to see what they have to offer/interest them, so they are furthering this by selling more products to the reader. The fact that they have a digital edition is good for the environment, which a lot of readers would find appealing; a stereotype amongst a group of people who appreciate fashion is that they are interested in saving the world,
Effectively, their website is probably the best place to advertise themselves and their new products, as it is free advertorial so they won't have to splash out in order to reel more money in. They are also reaching people who are already on their website and obviously already find the magazine interesting and appealing.

The title itself means “She” in French, which suggests that the magazine is very feminine, therefore clearly appeals to this particular audience: white women 16-35 who love fashion. The reason for believing that it is targeted towards white women is due to the fact that there is only one black woman on the homepage of the site, the rest being white women, as to appeal to the target audience of white women because they will be able to relate easily. The same masthead has been used for both the magazine and website, an obvious indication that the producers want instant familiarisation in order to link the two products together. Most of the websites traffic will come from the magazine. Because a magazines' masthead is usually in the top1/8 of the cover, and easy to see on shelves, and Elle's is slightly larger than this, it is suggested that the magazine is well-known throughout the world and is very popular.Rather than incorporating just the masthead, they have adjusted it to say 'ELLEUK.COM', reminding the readers directly that it is a website and that the magazine uses modern technology, because sometimes we forget that we are even using it and when we are reminded, we can relate.
Much like Vogue, Elle have opted for a classy monochromatic colour palette concerning the background and masthead, as their readers are looking for a more elegant aesthetic in a magazine rather than fun and perhaps immature behavior. They want to feel like classy, elegant women.
Website analysis: Elle
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