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Boy in the Striped Pajamas

No description

Emily VanHoozer

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Boy in the Striped Pajamas

By Emily VanHoozer Setting Characters Plot Book Review Literary Elements This story takes place during World War II from 1943-44. Most of the story takes place in Poland. At a concentration camp called Auschwitz. But some of the story is in Berlin, Germany. The main character is Bruno. The protagonist is Bruno because his is the central or main character. The antagonists are the German soldiers who run the camp. These soldiers include lieutenant Kotler, Bruno's dad, and all the others. They are all doing their job which is to kill and keep the Jews away from the German people. Shmuel, Bruno's best friend is a Jew. The Foil character is Bruno's dad because he tells Bruno directly not to go by the camp or even think about the camp. And that is Brunos goal, to explore. The other characters are Bruno's mom, Gretel who is Bruno's sister, Maria the maid, Lars the cook, and Pavel the kitchen help. (The last three Characters are all Jews) The story is set in 1943 in Poland at a concentration camp called Auschwitz. The main character Bruno was born in Berlin Germany in 1934. The rising action is Bruno being moved and wanting his old life back. But in that to is the climax which is Bruno meeting Shmuel. Bruno learns what life is really like in the camp and about the soldiers including his father. Bruno actually gets to go into the camp, secretly of course. The story ends with Bruno and Shmuel dying from gas 'showers' they gave the Jews to kill them quicker and to kill more of them.
Bruno's father looks for him but only finds his old clothes on the other side of the fence. The family never really finds Bruno's body. My favorite part of the book is when Bruno and Shmuel talk and Shmuel tells Bruno about his old life. Shmuel is my favorite character because he is like me in some ways because he has to grow up quickly and knows life is not fine and dandy.

My least favorite part is when Lieutenant Kotler beats shmuel for talking to Bruno and eating the food Bruno gave to him. I would have described how they died in more detail. You don't know how they die if you don't watch the movie or study World War II. Allusion- The soldiers below Bruno's dad Say' 'Heil Hitler' right before they walk away from each other when a conversation is over. It is for respect of the higher ranking. Also to say that you are devoted to Hitler and his plan.
Imagery- Bruno images what it will look like inside the camp. He thinks everyone will be happy, sitting outside on rocking chairs, and eating outside. But it is the opposite no one is outside, they are not happy, and have not eaten in days.
Stereotype- The German soldiers and some of the people think all Jews are the same. But every person is different. They also think they are lower than animals because they are 'unclean', selfish, 'pigs'. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas Map of Poland in WWII Map of German expansion in WWII Characters Bruno's weakness is being shorter than all the boys his age. Bruno's strengths are being generous because he brings things to Shmuel and helps him try to find his father on the other side of the fence. He is also a person of his word because he promised Shmuel he would find his father. Shmuel's weakness is his religion because it is the reason he his is the camp but he can't change that. Shmuel's strength is being happy even when he is being treated worse that a person can be. Bruno grows in size, knowledge, and in friendship. Bruno learns in school and about his father and the camp. Bruno gets a friend for life. It is from Bruno's perspective and it is about Bruno. So the author just says "I felt happy or sad or confused." "You wear the right outfit and you feel like the person you are pretending to be." pg.205 Theme- There is a quote in the book. The quote tells the theme. If you are pretending and acting you are really not yourself. And there comes a point when something clicks and you are yourself for once. This happens when Bruno dies. His father becomes himself. Also Bruno looks like a Jew and is is treated like one for looking like that. My Thoughts The main thing that caught my attention was that Bruno was so innocent.He had no clue about the horrific deeds that were occurring around him. Most of the horrible things were orders from his father. And Bruno had no idea, although he was about to learn all about it. The authors message is to treat others as you want to be treated. Bruno's dad kill thousands of dads, moms, sons, and daughters. And he killed his on son with out even knowing it the same way he killed the others. I learn that not all Germans knew what Hitler was doing to all those people he took captive. The title is 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' and that is what Shmuel wears in the camp. That is what all the people in the camp wear. The song is called 'Strange New Clothes'. It is written by James Horner. It is a song from the major motion picture 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas'.
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