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Copy of Outsiders Intro

2012 Outsiders Intro

Angela Sykes

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Outsiders Intro

The Outsiders Lyndon Baines Johnson
is president. 1967 in the U.S.A. A first-class stamp cost 5 cents. #1 TV Show is The Andy Griffith Show # 1 Band - The Beatles The Graduate
Casino Royale
Bonnie and Clyde
The Dirty Dozen
You Only Live Twice
Cool Hand Luke - Rebellious working class youth
- Often part of street gang
- Greased back hair, jeans, leather jackets, t-shirts with rolled up sleeves
- Known as "hoods"
- From the "wrong side" of town 1967 Social Groups
& Fashion #1 Show - The Andy Griffith Show Bonanza Beverly Hillbillies Gunsmoke TV Music The Rolling Stones The Monkees The Beach Boys Elvis The Who Movies Greasers (pronounced so-shez) - Rich kids from the "right side" of town
- Thought they were better than everyone else
- Pick fights with Greasers
- Drove corvettes and wore madras (plaid shirts) The ultimate Greaser icon. James Dean Watching movies at the drive-in theater was the main hang-out on weekends, especially for teenagers. The car culture was a big part of society. You'll notice that cars are often mentioned in the novel. Drive-Ins Cars were a major status symbol.
Two popular cars that are mentioned in
The Outsiders are the Cars in the 1960s Chevy Corvair and the Ford Mustang Socs Written by S.E. Hinton (started writing it when she was 15: took her 2 years to finish)
Published in 1967
Story was inspired by a real-life event at Hinton's high school in Tulsa, OK
The Outsiders is widely considered the first realistic young-adult novel. Her realistic writing was based on things she knew (The story is set in Tulsa in 1967, and the lead characters are based on people she knew; Ponyboy is based on her boyfriend for example.).
Other Hinton novels include Rumble Fish, Tex,
Taming the Star Runner, and That was Then,
This is Now.
The movie was released in 1983. The Outsiders The drive-in wasn't the only place to show off cars. Drive-in restaurants were also popular places to take dates and hang-out with friends. Gangs also used drive-in restaurants as hang-outs. Drive-In Restaurants 1960's Slang heater broad hood hacked off rumble fly the cooler swipe, lift, rolled fuzz cancer stick / a weed jumped SLANG SLANG lone it dig souped up blade turf scrap make tracks The American Dream Happiness for the characters of The Outsiders was a girl, a car, some money, a strong group of friends, and probably an ice-cold bottle of soda. How have things changed today?

How are they the same? The fight between rich and poor. Major topics developed in The Outsiders The power of friendship. What does it mean to be a hero? The journey from youth to adulthood. Look for these topics as we read through the book. Remember, "topics" and "subjects" are not "themes." But they can be used to establish themes! A FEW MORE Cool Hand Luke Starring Paul Newman Who was
Paul Newman? Why is he important to The Outsiders? The Outsiders begins... ...in class, tomorrow. The Outsiders Where, When, and What ... Behind the Scenes slugged tuff savvy rank If you ain't a greaser,
you ain't welcome. The Outsiders
Mrs.Sykes/Mr. Murphy 1.What are gangs?
2.How does your social class have an impact on your identity.
3.What was life like for inner kids in the 50’s and 60’s. Essential Questions Learning Targets I can cite textual evidence from the article entitled, “S.E.Hinton.
I can identify errors in a text.
I can organize my information by chunking.
I can create a poem entitled, “Where I Am From”. Susan Eloise Hinton was born onn july 22 1948 in Tulsa Oklahoma. A self-confesed tomboy, Hinton grow upp wanting to bee a cowboy oor a writer. Justification: Error Analysis 1.______
8.______ The Outsider's
Mrs. Sykes/Mr. Murphy

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Day 3 1. What is the difference between a Soc and a Greaser?

2. What impact does the social class play in
the book entitled, "The Outsiders"?

3.What is true friendship? Essential Questions Probable Sentences: Using your vocabulary words taken from chapter one,create sentences using your vocabulary words. Remember make a prediction based upon what you think the word means. Chapter One Vocabulary Probable Sentences 1._________________________________________________2._________________________________________________3._________________________________________________4._________________________________________________5._________________________________________________
6._________________________________________________7._________________________________________________ Disgrace Madras Muttered Cowlick Reckless Bawl Quivering Unfathomable Rarities Savvy Anticipation /Reaction Guide Directions: Before reading the novel, read and think about the statements below. In the "Before Reading" column, write "yes" if you agree with the statement, "no" if you disagree with the statement, and "?" if you don't have a strong opinion about the statement. After reading the novel, you will complete the last column, revisiting your responses. See Word Document
for Anticipation Reaction Guide Chapter 1: The Outsiders First Read: For chapters 1-3, us e the chart below to help you keep track of your reading. Summarize the setting or settings, and then summarize each major event in the chapter. Try to keep your summaries short-- a few words and phrases. You do not need to write in complete sentences. See Word Document Second Read Text Dependent Questions Cite textual evidence to support your answers for questions from chapter one. 1. How does the narrator describe himself?
2. Why does he like to go to the movies alone?
3. What happens to him on the way home?
4. Describe what happened to the parents of the narrator?
5. Why is ponyboy so reluctant to tell Darry how he really feels afterwards? Homework: Create a timeline of the
important events in chapter one.

Vocabulary: Define the vocabulary words for chapter one and write the forms of each word. Ex. talk, talked,
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