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Henry's Advertising Timeline

No description

Henry Godfrey

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Henry's Advertising Timeline

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Henry's Advertising Timeline 2012 Geography A
Art B
Biology B Bryanston School Capitalising on my knowledge of youth culture I added value to a number of DDB’s campaigns. Providing fresh perspective in development meetings for new ranges of K’nex and Monopoly aimed at a recently identified target market. My inspiration for a career in advertising came from a placement at one of the worlds leading creative agencies, DDB UK. June 2007 My photograph was shortlisted by the editor of National Geographic &
La Mer's 2012 competition May 2012 June-August, 2010 Securing a summer internship at a local marketing agency. I Worked on the Boscombe Bay re-branding competition, receiving recognition for my creative work by the local council. Malaysia November 2011
January 2012 Internship at Clients Art Portfolio I was accepted for a place at the number one new university. Starting on one of the top advertising courses in the country. Graduating in 2011 with a 2.1 BA (hons) in Advertising and Marketing Communication. In 3rd year my team 4squared won both our final year projects on a national and local level. Coming top of the year and receiving recognition through this billboard placed on Bournemouth's main high street. National Client Local Client Team One of the top public schools in England for Art & Creativity My Photography Portfolio www.facebook.com/woideangle & www.flickr.com/photos/hwwg The Malaysian branch of the world leading fully integrated creative agency Working as an intern in the creative department for Ford, Nestle and HSBC. I Designed billboards, contributed to storyboards and photo shopped images of celebratory and religious holidays including Chinese New Year. Creative Uni Work Lose your inhibitions, not your... Lost and Found Festival Tent reinforcing ad message & serving a practical purpose while informing TA about short term risks of drunken sex. Alcohol promotional labels Website linked to drinkaware.co.uk Control Morals Hard-On Mates (Back Bottle Labels) Online Mediums TA: 18-24 year old males & females Client: Beverage Brand
Assigned by: MediaCom
Award: 1st, winning the pitch & receiving a billboard in recognition of our work.
(see slide 8)

Assignment: Drink Aware Campaign to cut down binge drinking by 18-24 year old males & females in the UK.

Angle: Linking drinking to drunk sex and the short term related risks. Pull & Bear Product Variation Free user generated site, viral videos released targeting young males & females reinforcing the link of binge drinking & the risks of drunk sex. 'The Lad Bible', using tweet like conversation to reinforce 'shit lad' behaviour. Posting drunk sex stories that went wrong, using a drinkaware hash tag. online men's magazine targeting young males attitudes towards drunken sex. Targeting females creating awareness about the short term risks of drunken sex and starting conversation with young readers of the magazine. From bottle to festival Autumn Range Release The Goldilocks Effect Pull & Bear at the time were releasing their new autumn clothing range which inspired me to come up with a seasonal ad campaign to match & this was the result. Emphasising on both practicalities of their clothing and styling, tailored to a specific taste. (Photography & editing done myself.) For this creative task we were all given an item (mine being Saxa salt) and were asked to design a product variation. Utilising my creative thinking I designed a rock salt deodorant as i thought there was a strong link between cooking and sweating & this product would be the perfect answer to cook's perspiration,
complimenting Saxa salt. Saxa Rock Salt Deodorant
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