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Religion and Video Games

Depictions of Religion in Contemporary Console Video Games

Gregory Perreault

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Religion and Video Games

Religion and Video Games Imagery A number of the depictions, while negative in tone toward organized religion were not any less harsh on secular society. The video game narrative problematized religion. Negative depictions of organized religion yes, but based on a surprising number of representations of the Crusades Part of a long running series of role-playing games, the plot of Final Fantasy XIII revolves around conflict between gods called Fal'Cie and humanity. A monstrous race of robots has set its sights on exterminating life from the galaxy. Jack Shepherd and his team are the only one's who can stop him. On his team, Thane is an assassin and a devoutly spiritual man A man in a holy order must battle his way through demons and enlist the help of naturistic pagan forces in order to restore Earth's connection to Heaven and fight off Satan. Final Fantasy XIII Mass Effect 2 Castlevania:
Lords of Shadow Cast Depictions of Religion in Contemporary Console Games What is Religion? What is a depiction? What constitutes a depiction of religion? Methodology Performed a narrative analysis and a visual analysis of specific scenes with high amounts of "God Talk" For the purposes of this research depictions of religion included that which could be termed "spiritual" "Save your game"? Religion as something that serves as a preserving role Crusader? Warlock? "Gaming As Religion" Games and Tech Devices can function as religion in people's lives. Played up by a rise in "digital religion" The Prayer Wheel Digital Prayer Asura's Wrath Vlitra/Vitra Durga Asura/ asuras
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