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HTRLLAP Chapter 8: Hanseldee and Greteldum

AP Literature Presentation Evanie Huang and Sophia Nemeth Ms. Tsuji Period 1

Evanie Huang

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of HTRLLAP Chapter 8: Hanseldee and Greteldum

Sophia Nemeth and Evanie Huang
AP Literature Hanseldee and Greteldum What it is Readers must keep in mind that new versions of stories will not always be an exact replica of the original fairytale Exceptions Temptation Steps to Understand Metaphoric and Symbolic Meanings Examples Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
vs. The Wizard of Oz Fairy tales or other forms of children's literature are often used by authors because people can easily make connections to them Authors use "kiddie lit" for parallels, analogies, plot structures, and references that most people will recognize This is a significant theme in this type of literature. Characters often feel a sense of loneliness because they are embarking on a dangerous new journey to the unknown. Sense of Lostness Road to Destination Tangled vs. Rapunzel Harry Potter is a modern rendition of the classic fairytale Wizard of Oz. In both stories, the main characters go on a journey and help others on the way. Both Harry and Dorothy feel a sense of lostness because they have never before embarked on such a journey. Along the way, characters will often be faced with temptations. It is during this time that the true nature of the character is revealed. The journey that the character embarks on and the sequence of events that characters in any story setting go through. Tangled and Rapunzel are similar in that the main characters are both named Rapunzel and have long hair and are stolen by witches named Gothel. Both Rapunzels revive their princes by shedding tears. Authors may omit specific details about a story because they assume that readers have previous knowledge of the storyline and will be able to understand it Authors may also use this preexisting knowledge to their advantage to turn the story upside down and surprise readers. Hansel and Gretel vs.
The Gingerbread House Turn to your neighbor and try to come up with as many examples of parallel stories (stories with similar plot lines) as you can! Your turn! "The Gingerbread House" by Robert Coover is a perfect example of a story that is adapted from another, in this case, Hansel and Gretel. The story of "The Gingerbread House" is essentially the story of Hansel and Gretel, only shorter. Ending Activity Turn to your neighbor and brainstorm some parallels between classic fairytales and Wuthering Heights or Catch 22.
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