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What is a Memoir?

No description

Leanne Blaszak

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of What is a Memoir?

What is a Personal Narrative?
A memoir tells a story about a significant event, series of events, or a relationship.
A memoir shows what the author learned from the experience.
What is the moral of the story? Why is it important? Why has this memory stayed with you?
A memoir is a true story written in first person.

"My Grandpa and I used to go fishing every summer."
What makes a QUALITY memoir?
A quality memoir
"shows" instead of
An example of telling:
Bob was scared.
An example of showing:
Bob's face turned
white. His breathing
came in ragged
Could a video
camera record this?
The Camera Test
One Way to tell the difference
between showing and telling is...
Ask yourself:
Is there enough detail
for me to see a whole
Let's describe this video in a way that shows our readers...
A quality memoir uses
sensory details.
Sensory details are details
that describe what is seen,
heard, smelled, tasted, or
Again, a quality memoir includes an explanation of WHY the event was significant and WHAT you learned
from it.
Answer the questions:
WHAT is the
of the story?
WHY should your reader
How do I write my own memoir?
Step One:
What should I write about?
Step Two:
How should I
develop my story?
Step Three
How can I make
my memoir better?
Step Four:
Is my memoir
free of errors?
Step Five:
Sharing your
memoir with others.
A personal narrative tells the
true story of something that
happened to you.
A personal narrative can
be thought of as a "slice of
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