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Hansel and Gretel

No description

K Bermudez

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Hansel and Gretel

By James Marshall
Retold by Kathryn Bermudez Hansel and Gretal Once lived A little boy named Hansel and a girl named Gretel. Their father was a poor woodcutter and their mother was mean. They lived in a cottage near a vast forest. Their father was worrying about how to feed his family and the mean wife had a plan; to leave the children out in the woods and give them a bit of bread. The woodcutter said "No!" , but the wife beg until he said yes. Hansel and Gretel were off to the woods. Before they went any farther, Hansel gathered as many white pebbles to leave a trail to get back home. The woodcutter and the mean mother left the kid alone in the woods. When hansel and Gretal renched home their father was really happy. He loved his kids dearly. He told them that their mother died. It was really difficult for Hansel and Gretal to say sorry. But Hansel, Gretal, and their father lived happily ever after. Hansel and Gretel follow the pebbles that lead to their home. When they got home the wife was really upset and thought that they were never ever coming back. They took them back into the woods . They left them there with only a bit of bread. The woodcutters wife told them to wait there they were going to gather some wood and they will be back. Hansel and Gretal waited and waited and they never came back. Hansel left a bread crumb trail but the bread crumbs were eaten by birds. Hansel and Gretal spotted a bird and they started to follow it. The bird led them to a small house made by sweets. They started eating the parts of the house. Until they heard a voice from the inside. The door open and Hansel and Gretal saw a witch. The witch led them inside and gave them sweets for dinner. The thought that she was really nice, but they were wrong. The next morning the witch snatched Hansel and locked him up. Gretal begged the witch to let him out. Poor little gretal she had to do work for the witch. Hansel had a little trick. Every morning Hansel would be annoying. The trick worked for sometime. The witch got really annoyed so it was time to cook and eat him. The witch told Gretal to go peek in the oven to see how hot it is, but Gretal knew what was going to happen. She told the Witch that she did not know how to do it, so she asked the witch to demonstrate it. So the witch did and once she peek in to the oven Gretal pushed the which in. Hansel and Gretal went in the Witch's house to explore. They found tons of boxes of rare gems and gold coins. They wandered the woods until they stopped by a lake and saw a duck. The duck offered to ferry them across the lake. Across the lake they saw their father's house.
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