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Saint Hope Biography

A biography of the life of Siant Hope.

Bridget K

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Saint Hope Biography

A biography of the life of Saint Hope Saint Hope was the daughter of Saint Sophia and the sister of Faith and Charity. She was about 12 years of age. Saint Hope's biggest obstacle was to fight for her faith with the threat of her life to Emperor Hadrian. I chose Saint Hope because I thought it was a beautiful name and her story was very inspiring how she fought for what she believed in at such a young age. She is a model for me to follow because sometimes I find it hard to be with God due to the influences around me but I stay strong in my belief. Reason for canonization Background Information Her persecutions included being thrown into a burning furnace and coming out unharmed, but later being beheaded and eventually died at the age of 12. Her sisters also endured similar deaths as well. Saint Hope was canonized for her strong belief in her faith and her ability to stand up and suffer for what she believed in.Her feast day is August 1st. Persecutions Obstacles Saint Hope's family and beliefs Why I chose this saint By: Bridget K. 10/29/2012 Saint Hope's mother and sisters all believed strongly in God and were badly persecuted for their faith. This is because the emperor at the time, Emperor Hadrian, was against the Christian religion. A video of Saint Hope was not found, but I included a video called the Litany of Saints that recognizes many other saints. Bibliography http://www.orthodoxchristian.info/pages/St_Sofia.htm



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