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Healthy SI Delta Network

Goals and Outcomes

Allison Hasler

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Healthy SI Delta Network

Making Southern Illinois Healthier
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Whole Community Concepts
Policy, Systems, and Environmental changes
For long-term positive health outcomes
aka- "stuff that sticks" - Mark Fenton

1. Create infrastructure leading to policy, system & environmental changes.

2. Prevent and control overweight/obesity related chronic diseases.

Mission: Transforming southern Illinois into a region that supports and enhances healthy living.
Where is the "Southern Illinois Delta Region"?
Why is it called the "Delta"?
Breathing easy at home
Ongoing work with multiple housing authorities and private sector housing.

In the Home
Over-arching Goals
In Schools
Forming wellness committees
Assessing school environments
Implement CATCH and other programming
In Public Places
Supported by Center for Rural Health & Social Services Development
Over 70 schools have implemented at least 1 component of CATCH
1. In the Classroom
2. PE
3. Lunch
4. Parent/Community
3. Reduce tobacco use and eliminate exposure to second hand smoke.

4. Promote high impact clinical preventive services.
Next Steps
Worksite Wellness
Funding Opportunities
Community Transformation Grant
Why does the Delta Network exist?
Breathe easy, outdoors.
Artwork was incorporated into metal smoke-free signs which are located in public places to support tobacco-free environments.

healthy food and fitness opportunities
Funding Sources
Success Spotlight: Castle Park, Carbondale
Cost-savings with cleanup
Morale Boost to park staff
Over 100 children "Knighted"
Coordinated School Health
28 agencies- 106 total sites
recruited through previous Forums
resources, subject matter experts
New! Toolkit for worksites
New! IL Chamber of Commerce Worksite Wellness Recognition/Designation
At Worksites
transform the whole community
Public Places
Healthcare Systems
of the Healthy Southern Illinois Delta Network
Success Spotlight: Franklin Co Housing Authority

In Churches and
Healthcare Systems
SIU School of Medicine- Lung Cancer Disparity Project
Project Power/Diabetes Prevention and Education
Support health ministry programs through SIH Parish Nurse Program
Success Spotlight: Randolph Co Commissioner
Bringing it to the masses:
Get involved
in your local coalition
the systems and environment that you have influence to make the right choice the easy choice.

PSE changes
that support long-term improvements.
We are part of a much bigger area called the Delta Region.

ie- our health outcomes are more similar to this area than the rest of the state, or the rest of the midwest.
These 7 areas represent the lower 16 counties of Illinois- which make up the northern part of the Delta.
These 7 local health departments conduct Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs (IPLANS) every 5 years that identify the local health needs in their jurisdiction.
These 7 health departments, along with
Southern Illinois Healthcare
and the
Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development
, spear-headed health-focused coalitions in "The Delta Region" in 2008.
To be a resource to the community (resource Guides)
To attract funding to rural Illinois
To focus activities on long-term health outcomes
Over 2 million dollars has been distributed to the communities through collaboration with each other.
your call to action
Over 70 schools have adopted CSH approach
56 Start! Walking Paths
Farmer's Market Promotion
Community Gardens

56 Start! Walking Paths
presented by the
Healthy Southern Illinois Delta Network

Rural Health Development Grant
We Choose Health/Illinois Department of Public Health
Delta Worksite Grant
Tobacco Free Communities Grants
SIU School of Medicine Cancer Disparities Funding
School Spotlight: Carrier Mills-Stonefort
Tobacco-free grounds policy at Randolph County Court House
Created signage to enforce the policy for staff and facility visitors
Created a worksite wellness program for staff
106 total sites
46 Health Ministries supported by SIH
9 Project Power churches
CATCH on to Health Consortium
PE equipment went from "one ratty kickball" to $7000 worth of new CATCH PE equipment
PE class went from classroom teachers responsibility to hiring a full time PE Teacher
Smoke-free policy implemented October 2013 in 9 renovated apartments
Residents for the newly designated apartments will agree to not smoke.
As apartments become vacant, they will be declared smoke-free until all apartments are smoke-free.
Policy, system and
environmental changes
Over 70 CSH/CATCH Schools
Be Part of the Change
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