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If something in the DE was removed...

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on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of If something in the DE was removed...

If something in the
Dynamic Equilibrium was removed... Then... Example Fish died out.
What eats the fish?
Estuarine Crocodiles
The Crocodiles will also die out.
Sad... All this is like a food chain Just in reverse when the one being eaten makes the one that eats it die Don't understand? Snakes eat Birds
Birds eats Insects Snake Bird Insect In reverse with no plants No Insect Bye Bye Bird Snake no more If plants die out
Insects die out
Birds die out
Snakes die out
Predatory birds die out
If predatory birds die out then too much nutrients from their dead bodies will go in the soil and the plants and the grass will die out and cows and stuff will die and then wolves will then we have no milk and beef and pork then herbivores will die, then carnivores will die and if carnivores die then...... Here's a detailed example in words If you want an even more detailed food chain of what might happen if a particular animal or plant died out...
Below here are a few examples. Fruit (wild) Insects Bugs Leaves Birds Fish Crocodiles Snakes Crabs Mudskippers Freshwater fish Amphibians And some of our nasty bird pals eat snakes which eats our small bird pals which eats our insect pals and insects eat plants and plants eat um...nutrients Predetory bird Plants Predatory Birdie goes poof No Plants Predatory bird And in some occasions HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO EAT CHOI SUM?! Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah See how all these things are connected and are affected by just ONE tiny weeny incy weency animal or plant or thing. So above here are some examples of different animals and their connections between their habitat.

But what if the animal was a Estuarine Crocodile?
Would that affect other animals too?
Below is a food web of the consequences. Estuarine Crocodile (affects other animals) Some animals may think:
"Well that now Mr. Croc is gone, than my life has a better chance of living longer." Well you are right in a way I guess, if crocodiles DO someday go extinct, than yes, you should feel happy that you dont get killed and eaten anymore, (unless by other predators and humans), but is it just a good thing to you, or could it's extinction affect your forever in a BAD way? Think again.. Good Effects Bad Effects 1. Many animals can live longer as the risk of being killed and eaten by other animals or humans are slimmer.

2. You may think that getting eaten is a bad thing but it's not, the reason we have carnivores on earth is because they keep the balance of life (dynamic equilibrium), if they were gone everything will not be balanced. 1. Animals or humans that eat crocodiles will die too, (well for the animal, not humansa as we can still survive without crocodiles.

2. If we keep killing crocodiles they will be extinct and whatever the crocodile eats will get over populated then whatever that eats maby like a plant will be extinct (Connection).
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