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Fibonacci: a basic introduction and ideas for application (CCS Common Core Workshops; 2/15/13)

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Heather Childress

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Fibonacci: a basic introduction and ideas for application (CCS Common Core Workshops; 2/15/13)

Fibonacci a basic introduction and ideas for application meet Fibonacci Blockhead http://www.brainpop.com/math/numbersandoperations/fibonaccisequence/ an introduction to the number sequence from BrainPOP Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere, Ann McCallum, gr. 1+
The Rabbit Problem, Emily Gravett, gr. 1-5
Wild Fibonacci, Joy Hulme, gr. 2-4
Growing Patterns, Sarah Campbell, gr. 3-6
Blockhead, Joseph D'Agnese (3.7)
The Math Curse, Jon Scieszka (3.7)
The Wright 3, Blue Balliet (5.7)
The Writing on the Wall, Wendy Lichtman (5.7) Children's books and YA literature
that reference Fibonacci numbers Rationale Investigative
Mathematical reasoning and number sense
Tune into patterns
Lays the foundation for abstract mathematical concepts
Critical thinking skills/higher ordered thinking skills
21st Century skills
FUN!!! An Amazing Fibonacci Application http://www.amnh.org/explore/news-blogs/news/linking-trees-fibonacci-sequence-to-solar-power-wins-student-a-young-naturalist-award http://www.homeschoolmath.net/teaching/fibonacci_golden_section.php Compiled by
Heather Childress (hchildress@caldwellschools.com) &
Amanda McLean (amclean@caldwellschools.com)
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