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Benefits of Adopting A Dog

No description

Sophie Mcgarigal

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Benefits of Adopting A Dog

Stress relief and a healthier heart
Stress reliever
Lowers blood pressure
releases relaxation hormones
Lowers stress hormones
Healthy heart
Forces owners to excersize
Less likely to have a heart attack
Dogs need to be active and so do you

Saving a dog that has been neglected
Builds your character
Dogs that have been left on the street
Dogs get loving families, food, and shelter
3.9 dogs are put into shelters a year

How to adopt a dog.. and where
Go to a shelter
Pick a dog
Meet with the dog
Buy and set up items the dog will need
Set a date to pick up the dog and fill out paper work
Care, train, and socialize your new dog
Making you a Happier Person
Suffer less from depression
Have a pet to take care of and give love to
Worry less about themselves
Helps you smile
Unconditional loyalty and love

Benefits of Adopting A Dog
Help them help you
From dog fighting to helping abused children.
“Puppy Rooms” to help stressed-out college Students
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