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Third person omniscient, Third person limited

No description

Jenna McCarthy

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Third person omniscient, Third person limited

Third Person omniscient, Third person limited . Third person Omniscient : A story that is told by an all knowing uninvolved observer using "he" " she" and "it" Third person limited Narration: Narration mode in which the reader is seeing the story through one of the characters eyes Examples of Third person omniscent:
1." Hazel saw him wince. having no mental handicap herself, she had to ask George what the last sound had been"
2." He began to think glimmering, about his abnormal son that was now in jail"
( From the Artical "Harrison Bergeron") Examples of Third person limited:
1."Some things about living weren't quit right though."
2." I think it would be very interesting to hear all those different sounds."
( From the article Harrison Bergeron) The difference between Third Omniscient and Third Limited : Third Person Limited point of view in writing where the reader is looking upon a situation often knowing more about a situation than the character does Omniscient is when the reader is all knowing of everything not just one character.
Third Limited is when you only see what is happening through one of the characters eyes.
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