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M Prezi

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Vaccinations

Michelle, Samantha & Jazmin
Vaccines are an important part of today's society.
They are responsible for many of the medical fields successes
They prevent many diseases that could cause illness, disability, and or death when exposed to the body
Vaccines are viewed as the most successful medical advancement
They are used to force the body's immune system to fight off disease, or any possibly harmful infection
It boosts the strength of the immune system against a certain disease
Purpose of Vaccinations
Explanation on How Vaccinations Work:
Ethical Issue
People are subconsciously forced to get vaccinated
Vaccines are used to force the body's immune system to fight off any disease, or harmful infection
Vaccines are usually given through injection so that they get into the blood stream easier, but they can be taken orally.
Makes the body think that it's being invaded by a specific organism and works to destroy the invader to prevent infecting
This teaches the immune system to fight off the viruses by mimicking the natural infection
Contains weakened bacteria, when injected into the body the immune system responds by producing antibodies
Why Are People Forced To Get Vaccinated ?
: Produced by cells to protect itself against infections.

Antibodies weaken or destroyed the diseases, preventing it from forming

Stimulates the cellular immune system

Builds up the immunity by immunization.
Non vaccinated people
"Herd Immunity"
~The practice of mass immunization
People Who do not receive vaccinations are perceived as a health hazard
This is an example of the flu vaccine, the healthy cells absorb the injection, they attract immune cells which multiply. When exposed to the virus the immune cells recognize the infected cell and kill it off
Explanation on How Vaccinations Work:
Vaccine contains antigen
Antigen is injected into bloodstream
Antigen with cells produce antibodies
Antibodies fight off infection

Why is this an ethical issue?
Why and how are people unknowingly forced?
People Are Forced to Get Vaccinated By:
Peer pressure
Why is this an Ethical Issue?
The general public’s benefits from
herd immunization
are deemed more important than the health or moral values of an individual.
Most people can't refuse getting
vaccinated without being criticized.
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