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Green Boy

How is the book Green Boy related to science?

Samantha Zimmermann

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Green Boy

GREEN BOY The book Green Boy is about preserving the enviornment and taking good care of the earth... it's also about what could happen to earth if it wasn't taken care of. In science we are learning about environmental problems and solutions. Along with this, we are learning about our effect on the environment and how what we've done has caused some of these problems. Some of these problems include... Pollution Habitat Destruction Smog Endangered Species Things to help the environment... Recycle Don't litter In Green Boy it talked about the Bahamas National Trust which is a real organization that helps protect animals and the environment. So far, it has 25 protected areas totaling 700,000+ acres In Green Boy, the government turned Long Pond Cay into part of the Bahamas National Park, in the protection of the National Trust. Exact Pages in Green Boy that "connect" to science Page 48- they talk about what's happened to their environment
Page 126- the development of Sapphire resort (which will destroy parts of Long Pond Cay)
Page 192- the Bahamas National Trust Thanks for watching! Bahamas National Trust
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