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Drugs Awareness Tutorial 2010

Gemma Jackson

on 4 July 2010

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Cons Effects and Risks
ARE THERE? ILLEGAL LEGAL HOW DO DRUGS EFFECT THE BODY? 2MINS IN PAIRS TO DISCUSS STIMULANTS DEPRESSANTS HALLUCINOGENICS types of stimulants types of depresssants types of hallucinogenics Activity: effects & risks of drugs Define illegal and legal drugs
Be able to classify different drugs
List the effects and risks drugs can have on people
Cannabis weed, skunk, grass, ganja Heroin brown, gear, skag, junk Ketamine horse tranquiliser Cocaine charlie, snow, toot, coke Amphetamines speed, phet, whiz, billy, base Mephedrone meow, bubble love, plant food Ecstasy/MDMA
pills, smileys Alcohol Nicotine Pain Killers Caffeine Prescribed Drugs GOOD? Lose inhibitions Happy Stress Relief Social Energy Confidence Medicinal Forget worries BAD? don't know what you're taking! can get criminal record Lose family & friends The Come Down Money Problems Accidents Liver Problems can affect motivation & concentration A stimulant is a drug which speeds up the central nervous system and activity in the brain Stimulants tend to make people feel more awake, alert & are sometimes called 'uppers' Drugs which slow down the central nervous system & activity in the brain Large doses can lead to fatal overdose as the vital systems of the body like breathing are slowed to the point where they stop Large quantities can make people sleepy Affect the way you hear, see, smell or touch. this means that the senses get all mixed up or changed You may see colours more brightly or hear sounds differently. You may also see things that aren't there and can be very frightening! COCAINE/CRACK ECSTASY MEPHEDRONE AMPHETAMINES CAFFEINE NICOTINE ALCOHOL HEROIN CANNABIS TRANQUILISERS LSD MAGIC MUSHROOMS CANNABIS ECSTASY Take a look at the drugs you have been given from the drugs box Take a look at the pictures you have been given what effects & risks can you think of? CANNABIS EFFECTS RISKS Chilled out
Munchies: hunger pangs
Red eye Anxious
Panic attacks
Increased heart rate
Affects blood pressure
Affects fertility & reduces sperm count
Induce psychosis
Heavy use makes it hard to concentrate & learn
Like tobacco it has lots of chemical nasties which can contribute to lung cancer etc
MEPHEDRONE EFFECTS Stimulant similar to amphetamine
Feeling of euphoria
Snorted or swallowed
Loss of appetite
Dry mouth
RISKS Poor concentration
Increased heart rate
High body temperature
Panic & sweating
Can't sleep for days
Feel drained afterwards
Several deaths have beenr eeported in the media where mephedrone has been taken COCAINE/CRACK EFFECTS Short bursts of energy
Loss of appetite
Heart racing RISKS Feel like you have flu next day
Can make you over confidentso can make you take careless risks
Regular use can cause paranoia & depression
It is biologically more addictive than other drugs & one line can turn into several fat ones, changing the user's brain activity to make cravings more difficult to resist
Can cause heart attacks even in young people
High doses can cause convulsions, breathing problems which can lead to heart failure AMPHETAMINES AKA SPEED EFFECTS Like cocaine it will keep you awake and alert
Excited, chatty
Loss of appetite
Effects kick in within 30mins of swallowing & can last up to 6 hours
The high is usually followed by a very slow comedown
Very addictive, the more times you take it the more you will need to get the same effect RISKS Difficult to sleep
The comedown can make you feel irritable & depressed & can last for several days
Speed users have died from overdoses due to the strain it puts on your heart
Combining speed & alcohol can be fatal
Can infuence mental
health probs HEROIN EFFECTS Helps to reduce pain
Users get a buzz or rush shortly after taking it
Can give felings of warmth & well being
Users will feel sleepy & relaxed
Dizziness, sickness RISKS Heroin is VERY addictive
Deaths from overdose occur especially if it is injected
Injecting heroin can lead to nasty infections like gangrene
Sharing needles can put you in danger of getting HIV/AIDS, hepatitis LSD Effects Sense of time speeding up & slowing down
Colour, objects & sounds can be distorted & you can expeirence double vision
Trips can heighten the mood you're in RISKS Has very random & sometimes very frightening effects. Trips feed off a person's imagination
If panic sents in, the experience can be scary & confusing. Bad trips can be teriifying
Avoid taking acid if you're in a bad mood, people have known to harm themselves during a trip
LSD could have serious, longer term implications for somebody who has a history of mental health probs and may also be responsible for triggering a mental health prob that had not been known about before ECSTASY EFFECTS An E gives people an energy buzz that makes them feel alive
Ecstasy makes people feel in tune with their surroundings
Sounds & colours are more intense
Users often feel great love for people they're with & strangers around them. On it's own, it not a drug that makes people violent RISKS Physical side effects can include: dilated pupils, dehydration, tingling feeling, tightening of the jaw (gurning!), raised body temperature, fast heart rate
Short term effects include anxiety, panic attacks, confused episodes, paranoia, psychotic states
No way of telling what's in an E until you've swallowed it. So, there may be negative side effects from other stuff in the tablets
E's can make people feel low or depressed the next day
Using E has been linked to liver, kidney & heart problems. KETAMINE EFFECTS Ketamine can cause perceptual changes or hallucinations like LSD, it also has effects like reducing bodily sensations
Users can trip up to an hour amd may feel after effects for some hours
It can give the user a floaty feeling as if the mind and body have been separated RISKS It's a horse tranquiliser!
Users may be physically incapable of moving while under the influence
Can cause panic attacks, depression, and taken in large doses, can make existing mental health probs worse
You can injure yourself badly on ketamine and not know you've done it because you can't feel it
Ketamine is very dangerous when mixed with ectasy or speed. It cna result in high blood pressure Drug Class Possession Supply DRUGS AND THE LAW Class A

Class B

Class C 7 Years + fine

5 years + fine

2 years + fine Life + fine

14 years + fine

14 years + fine CLASS A Cocaine & Crack Ecstasy Heroin LSD Methadone Methamphetamine Amphetamine Cannabis Mephedrone CLASS C Anabolic Steriods Minor Tranquilisers SOLVE THE SITUATIONS TO FIND OUT WHO IS BREAKING THE LAW TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF DRUGS AND THE ACTIVITY final thoughts? Questions?
Talk to Frank
D World
Young Peoples Services
College Tutor
Learning Mentor
Student Liaison Team Where to get help? one thing you have learned? METHODS OF DRUG USE AIM For learners to gain an awareness of the risks and effects of different drugs Feedback to group Record your ideas on mini white boards CLASS B
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