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Qualities of a Good Advertisement

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Ben Ross

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Qualities of a Good Advertisement

Qualities of a Good Advertisement
A very popular technique used by advertisements is humor. A funny advertisement is more memorable. Making people laugh can cause them to feel good about the product, which means they will be more likely to use it. For our 1950's style ad, we will use cheesy dialogue to create a funny commercial.

Another technique is to target the audience's emotions. A good advertisement needs to be in control of how the audience should be feeling. Advertisement's have the power to make people feel sad, happy, lonely, or comforted. Our goal is to create a sense of happiness conveyed by the ideals of an All-American family.

Artistic Expression
Although some advertisements need to be quick and simple, some of the best commercials are beautiful displays of artistic expression. These commercials are imaginative, using colors and stunning imagery to capture the audience's attention. For our ad, we hope the style of the 1950's combined with a post-apocalyptic world will help grab the audience's attention.

Clear Message
All of these techniques help connect to the audience and capture their attention. But an advertisement is worthless if it doesn't also include a clear message for the audience. They need to know what the product is and why they should buy it. This can be accomplished by using a catchy slogan or tag-line at the end of the commercial. Without a memorable slogan, the audience will remember what happened in the commercial but not what the commercial was actually about.

By following this guide, our Fallout advertisement campaign will be successful. We plan to make the viewers laugh, connect with their emotions, and use creativity to make the ads memorable. All we need now is a catchy slogan.
The goal of a good advertisement is to convince someone to buy or use your product. This goal can be achieved by using several different strategies
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