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Technology Timeline 1980- Present

Hannah Austin Thomas and Jeremiah

Hannah Austin

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology Timeline 1980- Present

Our Timeline
Hannah Austin, Thomas Duggan, Jeramia Ouellette Hepatitis B vaccine In 1980 Baruch Blumberg invented a vaccine that would cure people who were infected with Hepatitis B. This disease is life long that affects how your liver works and process threw out the day. This disease can effect people with out them knowing. So this vaccine can help cure the innocent livers that have ben infected. and help them be restored to their present stage. 1981, scanning tunneling microscope (STM) In 1981 Russell Young invented a tunneling micro scope that allows the user to see three-D panoramic images of the materials located under the Earth’s crust. this allows construction workers to scant he area for rocks and other minerals before they they start building. 1) Smart Pill (1991)
• Jerome Schentag and David D'Andrea were the inventors of the Smart Pill. David D’Andrea was the co-inventor.
• This invention was made to be used for tracking the deliver to the location that it will be dropped off at. This is basically a tracking advice to find out when your item will be dropped off at your house or your local P.O. box. When you go online to an online store and you odder some clothes, shoes, or jewelry sometimes when you’re done ordering it won’t say when it will be shipped. That’s where the Smart Pill comes in. The Smart Pill tells you (or estimates) when it will arrive. The Smart Pill has been very usefully too many people that like to odder off line.
• The befits of having a smart pill is knowing when your item will be at your home. Without the Smart Pill you might be anxious, but with the Smart Pill you will not be anxious you will know when it will arrive. They are no negative effects on society. 1983, Apple Lisa
The apple Lisa was one of the first graphic user interfaces to a computer. It was created in 1983 by the people who work at Apple Industries; they created this product to help people navigate faster on their personal computers. The product gave user diffident tools such as tools bars, drop tabs, and the option to bring up more than one page at one given time. http://images.forbes.com/media/2009/06/26/02-SmartPill-pHp-capsule.jpg 2) Java (1994)
• James Gosling wand others invented the Java in 1994“Java was originally named Oak and was developed as a part of the Green project at the Sun Company.” http://inventors.about.com/od/gstartinventors/a/James_Gosling.htm
• The java was invented by James Gosling and some other people. It was invented in 1994. James Gosling wanted the “next wave” for the computer to come out, and this what he thought of. One of the guys from the different company named Mike Sheridan and the original inventor James Gosling) invented the Java Icon, called the “Duke”. There invention is really useful back then, and it is still useful today. People today still us the little Java icon to download, the inventor said “I wanted the next wave in technology/computer” and he got it. James Gosling got the next thing 1994.
• They are no negative effects on society from this invention. They are so many benefits for the Java. People still us java in many ways. http://www.jbase.com/new/products/images/java.png 1985 windows (computer) Created by the Microsoft Corporation the windows computer is the next generation of an operation system that would allow you to use graphical user interface, which is the next step up from the Apple Lisa. It is used by International Business Machines that are used around the world this product gives people upgraded versions of the drop tabs and click able buttons. 3) Web TV (1996)
• In 1996 Web TV was invented
• In 1996 a company and one other company invented Web TV the company was Diba Inc., and the other company was Zenith Electronics.
• In 1996 Diba Inc. and Zenith Electronics invented the Web TV but, in April of 1997 someone bought it. Web TV got bought by Microsoft for $425 Million dollars. Web TV is now is an add-on-advice. It” compliments a regular television, usually a box that provides the internet connection and conversion of web pages for viewing on your own television screen with an added special remote control and keyboard so that you can surf from your sofa in comfort.” http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/bl_web_tv.htm http://www.blusensinteractive.com/marketing/blureligion/en/img/img-aplicaciones.jpg 4) The Pentium Processor (1993)
• Tin 1993 the Pentium Processor invented
• The Pentium Processor was invented by Vinod Dham http://sawaal.ibibo.com/computers-and-technology/who-fathered-intel-pentium-processor-that-runs-computers-395321.html
• The Pentium Processor was one of the best inventions for the computers. This made the computers go fast, really fast. ” It is called "Pentium" because it is the fifth in the 80x 86 lines. It would have been called the 80586 had a US court not ruled that you can't trademark a number.”
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pentium this invention is so use full to many people that have computers, it makes the computers go ten times the speed than it would even go without the Pentium Processor. There are no negative parts to the invention everything about this invention is positive. http://images.highspeedbackbone.net/skuimages/large/pentium4_prescott_775.jpg 5) Tekno Bubbles (1999)
• In 19991 the Tekno bubbles was invented.
• The inventors wore Byron and Melody Swetland.
• This invention is the coolest thing ever. You blow your bubbles and they come out different colors. No matter how old you are these types of bubbles that change color will never get old. What are Tekno Bubbles? "Tekno bubbles are liquid bubble solution that includes a sufficient amount of a surface active agent to form bubbles and a sufficient amount of a fluorescent agent to provide illumination of the bubbles when viewed in the dark and under an external source of invisible ultraviolet or infrared radiation." http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa061500a.htm they are no negative impacts on the Tekno bubbles. http://www.teknobubbles.us/images/goldbubbles.gif http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/hfl/images/i01j.jpg

Three American physicists at the University of Illinois, John Bardeen, Leon Cooper, and Robert Schrieffer invented the supper conductor. Their model suggested that electrons/ protons in a superconductor condense in a state of ground work and travel together collectively. In 1972 Bardeen, Cooper, and ScInhrieffer received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discoveries. Soon researchers from around the world would be working with the new types of superconductor 7) IPod (2001)
• This was invented by Apple Computers.
• The IPod has to be one of the best inventions. The IPod was invented to hold songs, your favorite songs that you like to sing. It has many features and so many gigabytes. Gigabytes can tell you how much song you can hold on your IPod you could have a four, eight, sixteen etc. And the more of the gigabytes that you have the more songs you could hold. So many people enjoy this type of invention. If you going to the gym to work out without this invention you have no music to listen too, But with this invention you have your music there to listen to and now you can go work out and play your favorite songs. There are no negative effects on the invention. http://www.tansee.com/images/nn4b.jpg In 1957, scientists began to unlock the superconductors 6) Segway Human Transfer (2001)
• The Segway Human Transfer was invented in 2001
• It was invented by Dean Kamen.
• This invention is made to be Environment safe. This is a friendly vehicle that can get you from one place to another. The liquid that they use is vegetable oil, not gas oil! So you know that this invention is environment safe. This invention is also kid safe too. This vehicle is a perfect way to keep the earth safe, keep your kids from getting hurt and it looks so fun to drive. There is no negative effect on this invention. Doppler radar 1988 Doppler observed light and sound waves motion around the detector. This became known as the Doppler effect. He demonstrated this by using vehicles, the closer the vehicle got to the radar, the higher the pitch got and the farther away the vehicle got from the radar the lower the pitch got. This was because closer the vehicle is more sound per second can reach your ear, and the farther away the vehicle is the less sound per second that can reach your ear. 1990 was the man leading the development of the World Wide Web The ARPAnet opened in 1969 and was soon updated by collage nerds who had found a way to share the few computers that existed at that time. this made using the internet much more easier, and they soon begun co-designing and co-developing the structure of what became the Internet.this became known as the World Wide Web, HTML (hypertext markup language), HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and URLs (Universal Resource Locators). IPhone 2007
•It began when Steve Jobs was directed to Apple Inc.
•The first IPhone was released in 2007.
•In 2004 the First ever IPhone was being designed and manufactured.
•The IPhone is just like the IPod, but the IPhone is able to place and take calls and has 3g.
•The IPhone later added a camera to it.
The IPhone was invented by Steve Jobs by the apple company. The phone was released in 2007. It is just like an IPod, but you get 3G and can place or take calls. It later had a camera added to it. The only bad thing is that, when you drop it, it easily breaks. You can also scratch it. YouTube 2005
• YouTube was invented by some unknown.
• Later in the year three people Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim supported YouTube.
• They work for a company called PayPal and invested 3.5 million dollars into YouTube.
• YouTube was made into a website where shows videos.
YouTube was invented by someone that is unknown. Later in the years, three people named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim found the website and invested 3.5 Million dollars into the site. It was then added to the company PayPal. It took 5th place on Alexi website, and was more popular then MySpace. Google wanted to add Google to and they came into to an agreement. The bad thing is that if you put a video on YouTube, it says on YouTube. Solar tower 2004
• They are made of movable mirrors that reflect and collect sunlight
• It is pollution free energy.
• It uses thermal power for energy.
• It uses 40% potassium nitrate and 60% sodium nitrate.
The solar towers are used to collect and reflect sunlight. It uses thermal energy. It stores the energy so it will collect in a tower. It is also pollution free so it doesn’t hurt the environment. It also saves money for energy. If the mirrors break on the mirrors then they would have to replace it and then we lose energy. They wont be able to use it in storms too. Java Log 2003
• This was created by people named Rod Sprules and Joanna Johnson.
• It was founded in 1998.
• Was in times magazine in 2003.
• It was created by recycled coffee grinds.
Java log was created by two people named Rod Sprules and Joanna Johnson by the company Robustions Technologies Inc. it is a fire log that was created from recycled coffee grinds. Java was put in times magazine in 2003. So now the coffee we drink and waste are now recycled so they are used again. The camera pill 2008
• This little device helped doctors take pictures in the inside.
• The camera pill is controlled by a magnetic remote.
• It helps by taking pictures that an X ray or CAT scan missed.
• It can also help pick up viruses too.
This camera pill helps the doctors take pictures in the inside. It can also help pick up viruses that other machines missed. It sends the pictures to the computer that it’s connected too. It also can be used for magazines and books. The doctors can also save the pictures if you want to look at it. But if you metal in you body, then it wont work and it might hurt you. Eye- retinal transplant 2009
• This device helps restore vision to patients with age related macular degeneration and blindness.
• They add a microchip into the eye ball.
• It will be passed along as recognizable visual information to the human brain.
• It was invent by Dr. Joseph Rizzo and Professor John Wyatt.
This new device helps blind people and age-related macular degeneration to let them see. Device has a microchip that goes into the eye and lets recognizable visual information to the human brain. This device is amazing and if you know someone that is blind or losing vision, let them know about the Electrical eye- retinal transplant. Floating Bed 2006
• The floating bed was created in 2006.
• It was created by a Dutch designer.
• It uses repelling magnets.
• Supports 2000lb.
This floating bed was created by a Dutch designer in 2006. It uses repelling magnets that lets it float. It also supports 2000lb. The magnet field might be safe for users and they say it is. Just don’t wear earrings or jewelry when going to bed. http://cdn.iphoneincanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/iphone2007-300x175.jpg http://www.thetokyoblonde.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/youtube-logo.png http://news.cnet.com/i/bto/20090428/Abengoa_Solar_PS20_&_PS10_610x406.JPG http://www.dannylipford.com/images/article/eco-friendly-products-4.jpg http://www.popsci.com/files/imagecache/article_image_large/articles/hiw_gutcam_485.jpg http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSPBPn6BknIAel6qro7LZtPoT4Z4ocdll4MCtroIlakveZlnonS http://images.gizmag.com/hero/5824_50706112518.jpg prezi.com/http://prezi.com/w8fqtk8zb8bi/edit/#8
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