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This prezi presentation will be about what hockey is , the rules and play of hockey, the equipment used in hockey, dangerous play and raised balls and warnings and suspensions.

alex schofield

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Hockey

What is hockey ?
What is hockey ? Rules of hockey Warnings and Suspensions Equipment Players are allowed to play the ball with the " face side" of
the stick, the edges of the head of the hockey stick and the
handle of the hockey stick. The flat side is always

on the "natural" side for a right
handed person.

Left handed sticks are rare but available. To play a game of hockey you need a :

Hockey Stick Hockey Ball General player equipment includes :
Gum shields Shin pads Short Corner Mask The ball is spherical, hard
and made of plastic. To protect teeth and gums
from the impact of the
ball or stick. Goalkeeping Equipment
A fully- equipped
goalkeeper must
wear a helmet,
leg guards
and kickers. Additional protective
padding includes:
chest guards
padded shorts
heavily padded hand protectors
groin protectors
neck guards
arm guards
a stick
A helmet must be worn when
defending penalty corners and
penalty stokes. Green card ~
official warning Yellow Card ~
temporray suspension
of 5 minutes Red Card ~
permanemt exclusion
from the game
Thank you
for watching!
:) Hockey is a team sport where players
attempt to score goals by hitting, pushing
or flicking the ball with hockey sticks
into the opposing teams goal.
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