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Interviewing skill

No description

Pham Linh

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Interviewing skill


1. Setting expectations
My expectations
to you
Your expectations
to the training
2. What is
an interview?

= between
= mutually
A two-way conversation
Provide information
Get information
3. OGX interviews
GCDP Recruitments
GIP Recruitments
To guarantee EP quality and internship quality
Check necessary conditions
(in Pre-interview round)
Check competencies
(in Student Review Board)
Competency-based interview

- May include OGXers, @ers, alumni or returnees.
- Normally 3 ones per board:
+ 1 main interviewer
+ the rest: interviewer No.2 or observer, note-taker.

University students and people graduating no more than 2 years within FHN's segment.
=> at our ages, even much older.
Expected behaviors for interviewers:

- Be professional, but not cocky
- Be polite and respectful
- Be serious enough, but smile sometimes as well :D

4. Mastering the skill
Provide information
(both rounds)
Understand the competencies
Raise good questions
Assess candidates' answers
What is a good question?
Sample question lists
- observe experienced interviewers
- don't depend on sample question list
- listen carefully to the answers of candidates
- take notes carefully
- be confident
- choose your own style
Take notes
Note down both Q&A, as many as possible.
Note exactly what candidates say, not what you understand from their words.
Should use Excel for better data storing => practice typing fast.
Hand-note is OK but make sure it is neat enough and the candidates cannot see it.
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