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Career Pathways in Nursing

No description

Jennifer Noar

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Career Pathways in Nursing

Jennifer Noar
Career Pathways in Nursing
Career Paths
Types of Nursing Licenses
Specialties in Nursing
Educational Pathways
(Certified Nursing Assistant)
(Licensed Practical Nurse)
(Registered Nurse)
(Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner)
The Demand for Nursing
Does Nursing Fit You?
Take Advantage of Your Opportunities
Job Shadows: Early and Often
Choosing Classes: College Prep Courses
Career Interest Profilers
2-Year Degree
Give Care to Patients
Chart Vital Signs
Give Oral Medications
Many Other Tasks Under Direction of RN
Doctor's Offices
Nursing Homes
Home Health Care
School Districts
2-Year Associate Degree or Diploma Program
4-Year Bachelor Degree in Nursing
Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically Able to Meet Demand
Caring, sympathetic disposition
Nursing is a versatile career:
(WA State Requirement)
35 Hours Classroom Instruction
50 Hours Clinicals
State Certification Exam
Northwest Career and Technical Academy
Running Start
Private Residential (Nursing Homes)
Home Setting
Various Clinics (Family Practice, OBGYN...etc)
Assisting Patient and RN with:
Assessment and Care Planning
Meeting Nutrition and Elimination Needs
Personal Hygiene and Grooming
Comforting Anxiety
Promoting Patient Safety
Unit Management and Efficiency
$18,000 - $35,000
Due to direct interaction w/ patients, CNAs are an essential link between the patients, RNs, and Doctors
$38,000 - $53,000
Nursing Shortage
You’ve likely heard about the “nursing shortage” for years now, and perhaps you think it’s been resolved. However, registered nurses are still at the top of the list when it comes to employment growth.

The median age of nurses is 46. More than 50% of the nursing workforce is close to retirement.

America is seeing vast increases in the number of people over 65. This age group has many medical and health needs, and will put a strain on our health system.

Recent reforms in healthcare will give millions of people access to the healthcare system. More nurses and health professionals are needed in response.

These factors, combined with an anticipated strengthening of the economy, will create a renewed critical shortage for nurses.
The American Nurses Association (ANA) Reports That The Shortage Isn’t Stopping Soon
Personality Traits of Nurses:
Work Directly Under Orders of Physician/NP/PA
Provide and Coordinate Patient Care
Educate Patients and the Public about
Various Health Conditions
Provide Advice and Emotional Support to
Patients and Their Family Members
Physicians' Offices
Home Healthcare Services
Nursing Care Facilities
School Districts
$54,000 - $80,000
Average Expected 2013: $67,188
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nursing is among the Top Ten Occupations with the Largest Job Growth.
Become an RN First
Doctorate Degree 2-4 Years
Advanced registered nurse practitioners practice advanced nursing in a specialized area:
1) Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
2) Certified Nurse Midwife
3) Certified Nurse Practitioners
4) Certified Nurse Practitioners in Critical Care
5) Clinical Nurse Specialists.
CRNA: $100,000 - $205,000
Avg. Pay: $160,000
CNM: $76,000 - $108,000
Avg. Pay: $91,768
CNP: $81,000 - $109,000
Avg. Pay: $93,935
CNS: $77,000 - $109,000
Avg. Pay: $93,432
Attentive to detail
Be Adaptable
Be a quick thinker
Have great communication skills
Private Practices
Ambulatory Care Clinics
Health Maintenance Organizations
Public Health Departments
Emergency Rooms
Nursing Homes
Free Standing Health Clinics
Northwest Career and Technical Academy
Community Colleges
4 Year Liberal Arts College
4 Year BSN Program
Career Outlook in the US
The Career Key
Need Site Key from Counselors
Career Path
ROTC and Military Opportunities
Medical Technology Class Covers Educational Requirements for Nursing Assistant Certification
-->Must Pass State Certification Exam
While In High School:
Available to Juniors and Seniors of Skagit County and Whatcom County School Districts
Offers a Nursing Assistant Course
Registered Nursing Associates Degree
--> Agreement with UW Nursing Program - Bothell for SVC graduates to transition to UW's BSN program after completing their Associate Degree
Skagit Valley College:
Washington State Department of Health Recognizes:
Approved Practical Nurse Programs (LPN) in Washington
Approved Associates Degree Registered Nurse (RN) Programs in Washington
Bellingham Technical College
Big Bend Community College
Centralia College
Clover Park Technical College
Columbia Basin College
Edmonds Community College
Everett Community College
Grays Harbor Community College
Green River Community College
Heritage College
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Lower Columbia College
North Seattle Community College
Olympic College
Renton Technical College
Skagit Valley College - Whidbey Island
South Puget Sound Community College
South Seattle Community College
Spokane Community College
Walla Walla Community College
Wenatchee Valley College
Yakima Valley Community College
LPN Programs - Washington
Bates Technical College
RN Associate Degree Programs - Washington
Bellevue Community College
Bellingham Technical College
Big Bend Community College
Centralia Community College
Clark College
Clover Park Technical College
Columbia Basin College
Everett Community College
Grays Harbor Community College
Highline Community College
Lake Washington Institute of
Lower Columbia College
North Seattle Community College
Olympic College
Peninsula College
Pierce College
Renton Technical College
Seattle Central Community College
Skagit Valley College - Mt. Vernon
South Puget Sound Community College
Spokane Community College
Tacoma Community College
Walla Walla Community College
Wenatchee Valley College
Whatcom Community College
Yakima Valley Community College
Baccalaureate Degree Programs (RN) - Washington
Gonzaga University
Northwest University
Pacific Lutheran University
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University
University of Washington
Walla Walla University
Washington State University
Washington State University Tri-Cities
2 + 2 Programs
--> 2 Years Prerequisites
+2 Years Nursing Specific Courses
Washington State University
University of Washington
Eastern Washington University
Whitworth University
Gonzaga University
Nursing Specific Classes
General Courses
All Four Years
Northwest University
Seattle University
Seattle Pacific University
Pacific Lutheran University - 3 year program
Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) Programs - Washington
Gonzaga University

Seattle University

University of Washington - Seattle

Washington State University - Spokane

Washington State University - Vancouver
Over 100 Specialties in Nursing
Engineering, Finance, Culinary Art, Dental Tech, DigiPen Video Game Programming, Marine Tech, Medical Tech, Veterinary Tech, Welding
Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) in Nursing
Available to students interested in
pursuing Bachelor of Science degree
in nursing (BSN).

Available only at a university that
has an ROTC affiliation.

If selected for scholarship, selectee must major in a nursing degree program leading to BSN.

ROTC offers a unique nursing opportunity while giving financial assistance for college.
Military Nursing
What You Will Do:

Setup triage in warzones
Treat soldiers
Help patients all over the world


Where You Can Work:

Ships at sea
Overseas war zones
Military base

The military needs nurses
trained in all specialties, so
you can work in whichever
specialty you choose.
Over 104 Nursing Specialties
Bedside vs. Non-bedside Nursing
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