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Isaac's second law

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Isaac's second law

Isaac's second law
To know the principles of Newtons second law
To know how it applies to everyday situations
To demonstrate this witha practical
Newton's second law is concerned with unbalanced forces. Unbalanced forces produce acceleration. The bigger the unbalanced force the bigger the acceleration. This law is usually written as an equation: F = ma .
1. the direction of the object's ac______n is the same as the direction of the ______ed force
2. the s___ of the object's acceleration ch____ with the size of the unbalanced force
3. the size of the object's acceleration ______s when the mass of the object in____

Now some questions
Qu 1-5 page 317
State Newtons FIRST law and give an example that shows it at work
Firstly, Professor Mac
The unit of force is called the newton (N). and:

F = ma


F = unbalanced force
m = mass
a = acceleration
Watch Mr Harvey
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